Chapter 129

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I had a lot of fun last night, and I plan to have "fun" again today. I just hope Bri has no plans to leave this room.

I was sitting on the bed, watching something on TV, when Briana came in wearing a white v-neck and black leggings.

She's not wearing a bra! Or...underwear?!

It's like she knows I'm looking at her because she keeps walking in front of the TV.

"Babe, what kinda underwear are you wearing?"

"Why are you so fascinated by my underwear lately?" she asked, walking up to the bed.

"I'm just curious. Your ass has been looking good these days."

She playfully rolled her eyes and got on the bed with me. She lied on her stomach with her legs on either side of me. She knows exactly what she's doing. It's like she's begging me to fuck her.

I ran my hands up her thighs, then I felt around to see what kind of underwear she was wearing.

She's wearing a thong?! She never wears thongs!

I smirked to myself and smacked her ass, making her yelp and hit my leg.

"Ow, that hurt! You know you have big hands."

I laughed and moved so I was on top of her, then kissed her cheek. "Sorry."

Kissing down her neck, I began to grind my hips into her. I looked at her and she was biting her lip to stop herself from moaning.

"Blake, we...uunhh...we're not having sex again," she moaned.

"Why not? We're on our honeymoon," I said, kissing the outer shell of her ear.

"I'm still messed up from last night, man. We hadn't had sex in eight months and when we do, you decide to turn me inside out."

I chuckled and kissed down her neck again, "I'll be gentle."

"No you won't because you've said that before, and it didn't happen. You don't know the meaning of the word gentle. And you know just because we're on a honeymoon, that doesn't mean we have to have sex."

"But I mean, we should take advantage of this time we have alone because you know when we go back home we won't be having sex like this for a while."

She playfully tapped her chin, "hm. Give me a minute to think about it."

She managed to get from under me and went outside to the balcony. After a minute or two, I went after her and put my hands on her hips.

"I thought I told you to give me a minute."

"I couldn't wait any longer," I said, pressing my dick into her. She tried to stifle a moan, but I heard her.

I spun her around so she was facing me and when she looked down, her eyes widened and she laughed a little.

"What the hell are you doing?"


I'm convinced Blake has lost his everlasting mind. I'm assuming he wants to have sex on this balcony because he came out here with "Lil Blake" hanging out of his pants like it was no big deal. He really wants to make this little trip memorable.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, laughing a little.

He hooked his index finger onto my leggings, smirked and bit his lip.

"Out here?!" I asked.

He smirked again and nodded.

"Okay, but what if someone sees us?"

He shook his head and kissed my lips, "no one's gonna see us."

I stood there thinking if we should do this or not. I mean, what if someone does see us? That'd be embarrassing. Then again, the balcony's kinda set up so not too many people would see us. Oh, what the hell. This could be fun.

He motioned for me to turn back around, so I did. I then heard a ripping sound, followed by a slight breeze on my thighs.

"Did you just rip my leggings?" I asked, turning my head.

"I sure did. Don't worry, I'll buy you a new pair."

I shook my head as I felt him move the string of my thong. I bit down on my bottom lip pretty hard and moaned as soon as I felt him enter me. I closed my eyes and he let out a dark chuckle, probably because he knows I can't resist him. Why am I so weak when it comes to him?

He ran his hands under my shirt and kissed my neck as he rolled his hips against me. Every time his lips touched my neck or whenever his hands would glide over my stomach, I felt like I was melting under his touch.

Just as the sensation was starting to build up, everything came to an abrupt halt.


Seeing the way Briana reacted made me smirk. I love knowing I had this kind of affect on her.

As much as I was enjoying this, I wanted to get her in the bed, so I pulled out. She turned around and I snickered at how pissed she looked.

"Why'd you stop?" she pouted.

I smiled and grabbed her hand, leading her to the bed. I took her shirt off, then pulled her leggings & thong down.

"Lay on your stomach."

She lied on the bed as I took my pants off. I got on the bed with her, spread her legs a little and slid inside her, and she whimpered into the sheets. I started out with slow, deep strokes, making her moan & whimper like I've never heard before.

"You like that?" I whispered seductively in her ear.

She furrowed her eyebrows in ecstasy, bit her lip and nodded. "Mhm."

I continued to stroke slowly as I kissed the tattoos on her back, up to the tattoo on the back of her neck, to the tattoo behind her ear. I ran my hands down her arms and laced our fingers together as she gripped the sheets.

I decided to quicken the pace a little, just to give her a little more pleasure. I didn't want this to be rough like last night; I wanted it to be more...sensual.

"Uuunnhhhh fuck..."

She came, and I smirked at the fact that she wet the bed. She's so sexy.

Feeling that burning sensation in my stomach, I grunted as I came. I leaned down to kiss her cheek before pulling out and lying beside her.

"No rough shit today?" she asked as I ran my fingers through her hair.

I chuckled, "nah. I figured I'd give you a break."

She laughed a little, laid her head on my chest and threw her leg over me. I ran my fingers up & down her bad aimlessly until we both fell asleep.

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