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***Author's Note: This is the week I've got some fireworks starting. It was a lot of fun to write. These characters are leading me, and even throwing in a few surprises. Remember, vote, share and comment. It really does help if I know what my readers are thinking. Then, I can throw in a little of what you all want. Thanks for all of the support! -Marilyn

Chapter 9 

Julie’s POV

I stared at the large king bed. An awkward silence followed. I turned to him, mouth agape like a fish. He must have caught onto my dismay.

He spoke first. “Don’t worry. I’ll sleep on the floor. This was the last room available.”

I couldn’t believe the breath I let out. But even I didn’t move that fast. I wanted to go slow and sweet, if anything. But I had little doubt he would at least act like a gentleman.

He proved it by his next comment. “If you want, you can have the bathroom first. I know how much a woman needs to do to be ready for bed.”

I smirked at the comment. “I bet you do. I’ll just go get ready then.” I was proud that I only slightly stumbled to use the facilities.

I heard him shout back, “I’ll go get our bags from the car. Just if you throw up, aim for the bowl.”

Like I was going to throw up. I was only a little tipsy. I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t hold my wine. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Oh god. Maybe I shouldn’t have. My hair was flying out from the bun. Several parts were sticking out in a different direction. I took my hair down to save the embarrassment. I tousled it, and straightened my skirt. Then, the overwhelming urge to pee hit me. It was necessary to break the seal. I closed the door, and relieved the pressure. That’s when I heard the front door open again.

I pulled down my skirt, flushed, and checked myself in the mirror again. With the improvement of my appearance noted, I opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

Peter was slugging my bag onto the baggage rack from the closet. He put it on the side of the bed closest to the window. “There you go. Can I use the bathroom quick?”

“Sure. I’m done for a sec.”

He left the room as I dug through my bag. I figured a t-shirt was going to work for sleeping in. I hated having things on my legs to sleep. I was hoping my boss wouldn’t mind bare legs.

When he came out, he’d taken off his shirt. “I need a quick shower. It was a long day today. Do you mind?”

I kept staring at his defined chest. I think he took my speechless answer as a yes. “I’ll just use it quick. Unless you like morning showers.”

My tongue finally reconnected with my brain. “Sure. I’ll shower in the morning.”

I decided that showing off my legs wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

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