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         When I get back home I try my best not to take a nap from lack of sleep and keep busy instead.  The last time I fell asleep on the couch I screamed waking up. It scared Lois

        It's been coming a nightly routine. Get up, find my cat next to me.

        Walk around the house or read  to get my mind off it and/or stay awake. 

        There are times I look out the window or go on the porch and stare at the stars. For some reason looking at them-something keeps on telling me that there's more out there than I think there is. Besides the statues for example.


(Two days later)

        "It's back again," I sigh looking at the Blue telephone booth again. "Do you think something's happened to cause the man in the blue box to come back?"

        "Possibly," my neighbor replies Most of the time we won't find out about it unless its major, especially to Great Britain."

        "If he can help us with the statues that would be a miracle," I sigh taking a sip of coffee.

        "You had the dreams again?"

        "Yup, small back story, goes in to creepy hotel, gets chased, ends in the freaking graveyard-the usual. It's hard to take naps, the same thing happens."

        "I would be bothered if it continued. Has Lois said anything?"

        "Lois is saying I should put make up on. I'll have to talk to my cousin, she knows more than I do with things like that."

        "I'm taking she noticed."

        "Yup. I've lied one night and said the Eva kept me awake. I feel bad of blaming it on my cat."

        "If she were human, I think Eva would have defended you."

        "Well she's apart of the family, you would do that with Avery."

        "True. I have to head leave pretty soon. Do you think you'll be fine all by yourself?"

        "Yeah, just heading to the bookstore to find myself some books to read to keep busy."

        "Have you found anything interesting?"

         "Yes, a lot of fiction lately. I would rather enter a different world at this point. Any place would be better than the angels. They're a great escape."

         "They could be worse," the stops and looks at his phone. "I'm sorry but I have to go. I didn't relise the time."

        "I'ts fine," I reply. "You need to go to work." 

        "Stay safe," he smiles.

        "Really is that what you could think of," I laugh.

        "People would think I would be insane if I said stay away from the statues," Mason says, "now off I go."

        I watch my friend hail for a cab, up to the point where he gets on and the car goes down the street.

        By the time I turn my head to look at the blue telephone booth, it's gone.

        My eyes widen a little. It disappeared that quickly?

        "Must be tired," I sigh turning on my phone and begin to look up

Another Time skip:

A few hours later

        "Don't you already own the Harry Potter books?" my cousin asks.

        "What? IT'S THE UK VERSION! i don't have any UK versions."

        "True," she just smiles, "you can be such a nerd."

        "And I'm proud of it," I push up my glasses both on purpose and also they're falling off my nose a bit.

        "You bought more books, after you bought some earlier when you just moved?"

        "Pretty much."

        "So you've read most of the ones here?"

        "Yeah, I read eleven yesterday. I decided to get out of the house and get some more."

        "You spent all night reading and that's why you look tired."

        "Yeah," I partially lie. It's true because I didn't want to sleep because of the dreams and I was hooked into the book. I had to find out what happened next.

        "So you weren't reading fifty Shades of Grey?'

        "What-NO? Why would I?-Ew!"

        "I'm just messing with you, I don't see you reading that. It might be a good thing you're starting work soon. You need to get busy."

        "I am busy," I hold up my HP book.

        Sorry if there are any typos. I've finally had some time to write, finally got another day off school cuz of a state game!

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