Chapter 13

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HELLO AGAIN!!! OHMYGOSH SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT! A LOT more going on lately. Been sturggling with two papers had to work on and a project for design class. So sorry if this is short going ot work on the next chapter sometime during the weekend, hopefully I'll have some free time.

 I was thinking about what to do in upcoming chapters/events for this so just a warning if a character does something stupid please do not through your smart phone, tablet, iPod touch-or anything like that, I'm sorry. Also just to give you a heads up what Lios will be doing in this chapter she will cont. to do this and it'll play an important part later! She's also the reason why Heather will meet the Doctor in the future. Sorry if this chapter becomes a little boring.

Here's the next chapter!!!!:

        "Hello Lois," the man with the bowtie smiles.

        "Good morning," Lios replies closing the TARDIS door behind her.

        "Any updates about the girl again?"

        "I think she's at it again."

        "The weeping angels?" Clara looks at the older woman. "Sorry it's just so much has been going on."

       "It's fine. She was barely talking this morning than she usually does. I'm afraid something happened like in the past."

        "Nothing has happened involving wit the hotel recently that I have heard of," the Doctor says.

        "Why don't we just go there?" Clara suggested.


        "Why not-"

        "It's different than you imagined. If we go back and nothing has happened, we will put a lot more people in danger. It's different than you think it is. Does  have ot visit anywhere for her job yet?"

        "Nothing that I am aware of," Lois says, "she's still waiting for some other coworkers to settle into the country right now. It'll have to wait."

        "Keep an eye on her for a few more days days and she how she responds. Make sure she doens't leave the country or looking for the statues. If it continues, contact me. I have an idea what is going on."


        "What will you do once Heather does cont. the dreams?" Clara looks at the Doctor.

        "We'll pay her a visit. Ask her a few questions-nothing bad."

        "Just don't do anything to scare her or get her to think she's crazy."

        "Who says she's crazy?"

        "Well if someone came up to you, said they were a doctor and came to talk to them about trouble they were having nightmares about statues. Doesn't that sound weird?"

        "No, not at all," the Doctor replies causally.

        "To you. Lois?"

        "We'll figure something out dear," Lois sighs. "I'll give her a call tomorrow. Maybe later if


        The rest of the time out of the house keeps my mind off of things.

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