Bones Box (The end)

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Today was Saturday January 17th 2015.

Today was 6 days after Bone passed away.

We got his little cremation box.

I still haven't looked at it and its right now February 20th, 2015.

I refuse to look at his box because once I do I know he's officially gone.

I miss my beautiful boy, it bothers me everyday. I know to a lot of people he's "just a dog" but to me he was more than that he was a best friend, brother, and buddy. He was my everything.

Bone was my everything. I wrote this book for people to know who he was without actually knowing him. I thank everyone who read this, it truly means a lot. I may just be 16 years old but I still felt like writing something in his memory cause it was just the right thing to do for him.

Thank you guys, this is the end of my story of my Dog Bone. ❤

I want to tell the readers of this book that today March 27th, 2014. Bones wife Lily which was my first baby girl passed away with the same thing he had. Please wish me luck on healing from my two losses. Lily I love you so dearly! I miss you already.

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