Chapter 6: Child, Day 3

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Baby Butler

Chapter 6: Child Day 3


Ciel Phantomhive can’t fathom why his inhumanly perfect butler is late for his morning wake up call. Searching the manor, Ciel ends up in Sebastian’s room. The Earl finds himself staring face-to-face with a raven-haired, crimson-eyed demon baby.


“Young Master, it is time to wake up.”

Ciel groaned at the intruding light hitting his face. Groggily opening his left eye – a practiced action ever since Tanaka became head butler again – the young Earl ran a hand through his messy hair. The sun was streaming in through the open curtains, momentarily blinding Ciel. Once his eye adjusted to the brightness, his gaze swept the room.

That voice did not belong to Tanaka. That deep masculine voice belonged to a certain butler who restarted his childhood. Ciel focused on the two figures standing beside his bed. Tanaka was there as usual, preparing the Earl’s morning tea. But Sebastian was there also, only his head was visible over the edge of Ciel’s mattress. The young demon was dressed in familiar – though smaller – clothes, sporting a wool tailcoat, tie, straight-legged trousers with shiny black shoes. There were slits on the back of the tail coat, allowing Sebastian’s wings to stretch out comfortably.

Slowing sitting up, Ciel glanced between Tanaka and Sebastian. His sleepy mind was still fitting together the pieces. 

“I’m learning to be a butler!” Sebastian exclaimed, smiling brightly. Ciel oddly noticed that the demon’s fangs were shrinking into normal human canine teeth and his horns were just peeking through his hair now.

“Excellent,” the thirteen-year-old Earl mumbled and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

Tanaka stepped around the still grinning Sebastian, holding a neatly folded pile of clothes. “Sebastian, why don’t you prepare Master Ciel’s breakfast. Remember what I taught you,” the older man reminded the young demon.

The child nodded obediently. “Yes, sir!” he called, while saluting the grey-haired man. Ciel could hardly believe the open obedience from the young demon. It seemed that Tanaka had gained some form of control over the troublesome child. This new information caused Ciel to get lost in thought about ways to get the young Sebastian to listen to him.

While Ciel gazed into the open window, Tanaka smiled softly and started dressing his young master once Sebastian was busy with breakfast. Ciel’s attire for the day was a pair of brown shorts with a white linen button-up shirt and a beige button-up vest. Black garters held up black socks and brown heeled shoes were placed on his feet. A dark maroon coloured ribbon was expertly tied around Ciel’s neck and his eye patch and rings were set in place.

Tanaka smoothed out the shoulders of Ciel’s vest and stepped back. “Sebastian is the tea ready?” the older man asked, turning towards the silver cart. At the sound of Tanaka’s question, Ciel snapped out of his retrieve. 

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