2. First Impressions

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Song: Trigger Of Love - JAWNY


I almost didn't believe the number I came up with when I finished counting.


Three girls were missing.


I quickly did a recount, coming up with the same number, before turning back to the stage and hoping that they were safe.

I would have to find them later.

Despite the room being completely filled with people, mafia or not, it was deathly silent which only made me more cautious, so as to not bring attention to myself.

The door swung open and in walked four mafia guys with the three missing girls in their grasp, Ivory, Sugar and Crystal.

As soon as they were unceremoniously shoved to the ground and the four men joined their fellow compatriots, a voice boomed through the room coming from the very back of the stage, where the shadows concealed him.

"Congratulazioni uomini, mi avete reso orgoglioso."

Translation: Congratulations men, you have done me proud.

I strained my eyes trying to make out his figure through the shadows, managing to get a hazy outline of the man, but that's all I could manage. The men around us started to cheer and shout as he made his way into the light and boy, did I wish he stayed in the dark.

Tall, dark, and handsome, what else was there to say?

He raised a single hand, immediately silencing every man in the room.

"La vittoria è nostra ma questo non significa che il lavoro sia finito," he paused, giving the girls a once over before speaking.

Translation: Victory is ours but that does not mean the work is over.

"Ora dobbiamo valutare i beni che abbiamo vinto, assicurarci che non siano rovinati,"

Translation: Now we must assess the goods we have won, make sure they are not spoiled.

The room burst out in laughter as the attention turned to us yet again.

He took a step closer to the edge of the stage letting his eyes wander over the group of girls, as if he was surveying us, "which one of you is the leader?"

I froze.

The leader.


I stayed silent as he looked each one of us over, my breath catching as our eyes made brief contact before he moved onto the next girl.

"Nobody?" He questioned, tutting as if this was an amusing situation.

"I won't hurt you if she comes forward but, if she doesn't, I'll have to throw all of you out like trash, after my men use you of course," he paused, "we don't want that, do we?"

I felt multiple girls glance at me as he threatened their lives, and watched as blondie broke out into another silent crying fit.

I didn't take my eyes off him as he followed the glances the girls were giving me, eventually leading our eyes to meet for a second time.

I didn't back away, meeting his gaze head on as I slowly stood up to my full length, pushing my shoulders back and head up high.

I could only watch as his eyes roamed my body, seeming to take in every inch of it, his face remaining stoic as he did so.

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