"Okay now it's either you join me and get changed or you stay back and watch da master,"

"I think I'll just watch you,"

"Eh suit yourself,"

Hayley took a black duvet and spread it around her over the couch so that the background will look dark I'm guessing?

She put the CD player beside the laptop and pressed a triangular-shaped green button which caused my ears to bleed. It was this hard rock metallic song, I couldn't even make out the lyrics because it only contained shouting.

She pressed record on the laptop and started growling at whichever stranger she met while also yelling,




How did I ever become friends with this lunatic?

Finally she turned the player off and started dramatically weeping and sobbing about the death of her 'other side'.

From my angle I could see the strangers but they couldn't see me.

The eyeliner started to run down her face when she 'cried'.

In another scene she just stared at the computer but it looked like she was lost in space.

During all this her hairstyle was like those emos I'm guessing which covered her whole right eye. I gotta admit she did look very pretty but in a dark way.

When she turned the laptop off I saw her smiling like a cheshire cat.

"Why are you grinning like that?"

"I got it recorded, the reactions were hilarious and frowning or having no facial expression is really hard for me how does Kristen Stewart do it like zayum."

I looked at my watch.

"I'm gonna crash kay?"

"Okay I'm going to bed as well,"

Since we already put duvets and pillows down in the living room we decided to crash there and it was surprisingly comfy...and we were both too lazy to go upstairs.

After settling down properly we finally went to bed. I chuckled one last time remembering someone yell "Oh god!" In a hilarious way when Hayley was messing with people.

What will I do with this girl?

Liamallama's POV

"I miss those girls already, now who am I gonna fight with lightsabers! You don't even know how to handle it, Zayn thinks of it as an object for decoration, Harry's too slow and Louis is just crazy with it." Niall said.

"I do so know how to handle a lightsaber Niall,"

"No you don't,"

"I do too,"

"Do not,"

"Do too,"

"Do not,"

"Do too,"

"Do not,"

"Do too,"

"Do not,"

"Do too,"

"Do not,"

"Do too,"

"Liam when I gave it to you for the first time for a battle againt me you held it like a butter knife. A fucking butter knife mate." He exclaimed.

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