Bella's POV

After school Nat and I walked home and I went straight up to my room.

**1 Week LATER**

The guys are coming today and I am so excited, I decided that I would forgive Jacob because it was an accident. My mom is away again this week and it starting to make me mad, she is going away so much lately. I know that she is doing it because then she won't have to be away when its my birthday and when my family goes on vacation.

I went to Nat's house because we were going to disguis sleeping arangements for the boys. "Hey Nat" "hey Bella" We went up to her room and we were going to make a list. "More people should be in your house because you don't have siblings and I have 3" "true dat" she said. "okay lets make a list" I said, "you are so organized, I don't know what I would do without you Bella, I would probably make it up on the spot." Nat said. "true dat" I said mimicking her. "Hey" she attempted to defend herself.

"Okay I was thinking in my house: Maya, Matt, Rose, JC, Connor, Jacob, Kian, Cam, and Nash. In your house Lola, Aaron, Laura, Shawn, Hayes, Carter, Johnson, Ricky, Sam, Taylor, Alina, Gilinsky and obviously Trevor." "sounds amazing" 

I got another call from Taylor, "Hey Tay, whats up?" "the guys and I just landed and we were wondering if you could pick us up from the airport?" "of course, Nat and I are on our way" He hung up. "Nat, we are picking the guys up from the airport. They already landed so lets go now" We got our shoes on and I grabbed my keys because me and Nat both have our G1s, we aren't really suposed to drive but YOLO. 

We each got in our seperate cars and made our way to the airport. We both arrived, parked our cars right next to each others, got out, and made our way to the entrance. "I see them" Nat said running towards Trevor, they hugged and started making out in the middle of the airport. I made my way over to the guys. "Ewww stahp PDAing in the middle of a public place" Cam said, they just ignored him and continued eating each others faces untill they both stoped becase they didn't want it to go any further. 

I went around to all the guys and girls, hugging them and saying hi. I finally got to Jacob "Jacob, I thought about it for a long time and I forgive you" "really Bella, I haven't stoped thinking about you and I am so happy that you forgive me because I had this big speech to win you back, but I guess I don't have to say it." We hugged for a long time and blocked out all the guys around us, Jacob lifted my chin to look at him and he placed a soft kiss on my lips. After that we broke apart.

"Hey guys, so Nat and I both brought our cars, but if we get caught driving, we could get arrested or something so Cam your driving my car and Taylor you drive Nat's. We made our way to the cars and got in. There weren't enough seats so the girls had to sit on their boyfriend's laps and some guys had to sit on their friend's laps. We got back to the house and we all stood in my driveway talking.

Nat got on a bick rock outside my house so that she could see everyone. "Attention" she screamed. Everyone looked at her and she continued "okay, in Bella's house we have Maya, Matt, Rose, JC, Connor, Kian, Cam, and Nash. And everyone else is in my house."

I took the guys and girls in my house and told them were to put their stuff, "so, Jacob, my room. You'll know its mine because of the twinkle lights. Everyone else in the basement." I told them. They put their stuff away and we all went to Nat's place. And she was in the middle of telling everyone where to put their stuff. "ummm, Trevor my room. You'll know its mine because of the band posters. Everyone else disperse yourselves in the basement, there is a drum set down there but your not allowed to touch it because its my dad's, he will kill you if he finds out. He's paranoid." she said staring at Taylor. "Oh another thing, that baby grand piano is my mother's prized posesion, even though she doesn't play..." "Nat, I think they get it" I cut her off. "okay, disperse" Trevor went up to Nat's room "Whaoh cool guitar" he said. "don't touch it, I will murder you" "sorry" he said. Taylor came up the stairs. "that drumset is sick, does your dad actually play?" "Yes he does, he sucks but he tries" "What's this boxy thingy, it looks like an instrument case" "It's a baritone" "what's a baritone?" Trevor asked. "a small tuba" Nat responded. "Can you play?" he said coming down the stairs. "yes, why would I have it if I didn't play it dumbass?" "I don't know"

Everyone else made their way up from the basement. "Can we go to Starbucks?" I asked. "Who can say no to Starbucks?" Cam asked. "hey Nat, I'm home" "Hey mom, this is magcon and o2l." the guys stood in a line and Nat introduced them to her mom. "this is Cam, Nash, Carter, Hayes, Johnson, Gilinsky, Alina, Rose, JC, Connor, Ricky, Matt, Aaron, Lola, Shawn, Laura, Kian, Taylor, Sam, Jacob, Hayes, you probably remember Maya, and my boyfriend Trevor." "it's nice to meet you all and its nice to see you again Maya."

"We're going to Starbucks Mom" "can you get me a coffee?" "sure ma" We walked to the closest Starbucks and I got a Caramel frappe. We walked back to my house and Nat ran into her house to give her mom her coffee. When we walked in, my dad was in the kitchen making food. "Hey dad, these are my friends that I told you about, the ones that are staying with us" "oh cool" was all he said. Olivia and Sophie ran down the stairs and they started fangirling "Olivia" hayes said as they saw each other. "Hayes" they hugged and it was really cute.

"Guys these are my sisters, Sophie and Olivia. I have a brother too but I don't know where he is." "Mateo's in his room" "oh by the way, Olivia and Mateo are twins, they are 13 and Sophie is 16" Nash kept staring at Sophie and their eyes met, she looked down and blushed. They would make the cutest couple. "Mateo get your ass down here" He came down the stairs "some of these people will be staying at our house" "okay" then he went back upstairs. "Hayes, you can stay in my room if you want?" Olivia said. "sure, I'll go get my stuff" Hayes went with Nat to her house and got his stuff "I'm really confused, didn't they just meet?" Cam said. "No, they've been facetiming everyday and they text each other a lot" I explained. Hayes and Nat came back and Olivia showed him to her room.

"What do you guys want to do?" I asked. "we should play hide and seek in the dark" Nat said. "isn't that for 2 year olds?" Taylor asked. "no, you turn all the lights off so that you can't see and try to find people, to make it more intense you can move around and make noises and since its already dark outside it will be pitch black in here." "sounds fun" Nash said.

We played the game and we all started getting tired so we headed to bed. "night guys" Nat said as some of the guys and girls went next door. We all made our way to bed and I got into bed next to Jacob. "Bella, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend again?" He asked nervously "of course Jacob" He kissed me sweetly and passionatly, pulled me closer to him and I started to fall asleep wrapped up in his warm arms with my head in the crook of his neck.        

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