Chapter Three

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I stood watching the young couple in front of me, the girls laugh filling the night air as the boy placed a kiss on her rosy cheek. I ached for the feeling of warmth against my body, I ached for the feeling of love. My chest rose and fell as if I was breathing, but I wasn't really, I once again watched as the girl squealed when the boy pulled her in, this time giving her a passionate kiss on the lips.

I brought my frigid hand up to my own lips, running my fingers across them. I wanted to be able to feel, I wanted to not be invisible, better yet, not dead. I stopped watching the young couple when I heard more laughs coming from farther down the street and I brought my gaze over to them. I sucked in some air when I saw the blonde hair, his laugh clear as day. I noticed he was with the girl I always saw him with and some other people, I wanted to run over, wanted to confront him. However, I couldn't, I couldn't have his friends think he was crazy for talking to air.

Niall finally turned in my direction, his blue eyes widening and I could see his lips form my name. The girl next to him scrunched her eyebrows up, looking at him with a hurt expression and started talking to him. He just continued looking at me, ignoring the girl so clearly talking right next to him.

"Niall Horan!" I heard her shout all the way from where I was, watching as their other friends stopped whatever they were doing, the other couple behind me stopping as well. "Who in gods name is Irene?!"

This finally had gotten Niall's attention, him finally looking at her, "A friend. I just remembered something I forgot to tell her." Niall was quick to come up with something, hoping that would get the girl off his back but I could feel her anger radiating off of her in waves. Her need to want to hurt Niall in every way possible was starting to seriously worry me, did she seriously want to hurt him because he said my name?

If this was what the world was like now, I knew I would like to still be alive, but I wouldn't want to be involved with any girls like the one standing a little bit away from me. The girl was now in Niall's face, the boy staggering back a little to put some distance between them.

"A friend? You're seriously going to try and pull that excuse with me? And when I'm leaving today as well!" Niall looked like he wished he was anywhere but here at that moment, staggering backwards as the girl just kept getting closer to him. He sent a pleading look in my direction, causing the girl the look over as well but I knew she couldn't see me. She once again turned to Niall, her thin finger pointing at his chest.

"Goodbye Niall. I hope you have fun in hell with Irene."

As the girl walked away, the other girls with the boys walked away as well, their boyfriends following soon after. Niall called after her, his voice strained, "Elaine! She's just a friend!"

Elaine just ignored him and continued walking, her hip swaying back and forth, her dress wishing against the pavement. Niall watched with sad eyes as she walked away, before he turned to me, the sadness forgotten in his joyful blue eyes. I didn't know what it was but Niall had the aura of someone who was always happy even in the darkest of times, I got the feeling he was the jokester, always trying to see the best in things. I figured that out when his sister had been dying in his arms yet, he kept trying to look on the bright side.

I started to walk forwards only to stop, scared to move towards Niall anymore. I didn't know what it was but I just got the feeling that I shouldn't associate with him, seeing as ever since I did bad things have started to happen. Such as natural disasters and many people dying. I couldn't tell if these things were because of me communicating with him, but if it was, I needed to stop.

I didn't need to cause more trouble then there already was with me being in the human world.

"Irene." Niall was now in front of me, a squeak coming from my mouth since I hadn't noticed him moving so close to me. I stepped backwards to give us some distance, looking up since he was slightly taller then, by at least four inches if I had to guess.

"Sorry you had to witness that, love." He was sincere in his words and I just nodded, allowing him to continue. "That was Elaine, I've known her from class and we had started datin'. Now she's moving down state and it was our last night, guess I made the mistake of saying your name, eh?"

I couldn't stop the giggle, instead it just came out, Niall just looking at me with astonished eyes as I just kept giggling over the silly fact. I didn't know why I was doing this, I never really was the happy type but something about the way he had phrased it had just gotten to me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed." I smiled at him while he just rose a single eyebrow at me, his own smirk firmly placed on his face.

"She's pretty psycho when it comes to other girls if you couldn't tell in the least." Niall glanced off towards the harbor, the stars twinkling in the sky before looking back at me, "Why are you out this late, it's quite dangerous."

I just shrugged, not knowing what to tell him since I actually did not have a home to go to. I knew he wouldn't understand, seeing as he didn't even know I was dead. I avoided his gaze as he stared at me intently, waiting silently for an answer.

"I just needed some time to clear my head, tonight seemed like the perfect night." I started to walk towards the harbor, the smell of the ocean hitting my nostrils in waves. I had always loved the sea as a child and I still did to this day.

Niall followed after me, my words sinking into his head. We walked in silence, our steps falling in sync. A few critters chirped in the darkness, the sound of the waves hitting the pier also filling out ears.


I turned towards Niall when he said my name, noticing he had stopped walking and stopped as well. We now stopped a few feet away from one another.

"Something big is going to happen, you must be prepared or you'll disappear forever."

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