Ch. 34

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Luke's p.o.v|

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I hear Ashton yell at me.


"I just called Harmony and she's crying her eyes out!" Ash snaps at me.

"It's not my fault."

"Not your fault? Then who's fault is it, Luke! You need to go over there and make things right."

"Not now."

"Wow, I never thought you would be such a dick about this" Ash says.

"How was I suppose to react, Ashton? I'm 18 and I'm just getting started with my career!" I shouted.

"You're unbelievable. I don't give a shit right now about your career! What about Harmony? What about her life and career? You don't even seem to consider the fact about how this is going to affect her life. You just think about yourself, Luke!"

In that moment, I realized that he was right. I need to go talk to her.

"I have to go and see her!"

"Good luck with that" he said.

"Why?" I look back at Ashton.

"She's so mad and upset with you right now" he says.

"I don't care, I need to see her."

I walk out the door and drive to her house. I ring the doorbell. I wait outside for at least 10 minutes, but no answer.

Harmony's p.o.v|

I look to see who's at my door. Oh shit, it's Luke. He keeps ringing the doorbell. I obviously don't answer the door because I'm pissed off at him.

I decide to just ignore it and go upstairs. I lay back in my bed and relax. I still hear the sound of Luke pounding on the door. Jesus Christ, won't he give up already! Suddenly, the noise completely comes to a stop.

"Ugh finally!" I was relieved that I could finally relax in peace.

That was until I see someone at my window and they come inside my room.

"Get out!" I yell at him.

"No, we need to talk" Luke said.

I get up from my bed, not in the mood to relax anymore.

"No, you need to talk. Not me, there's a big difference Luke."

"Please" he said.

"I have nothing to say to you, Luke."

"Well, I have a lot to say to you. So please just listen to me."

"You don't get to do that anymore. You don't get to come her and plead to me." I look at him and frown.

"Just listen to me. Give me a chance to make it up to you." Luke looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

He just needs to stop doing that, ugh. Why does he have to be so perfect?

"You can't."

"Yes I can." He walks closer to me.

"Just stop. No matter what you say can makes a difference, Luke."

He walks closer to me. I back away from him, but he just keeps on coming closer.

"I realized the way I reacted earlier was dumb. I was being really selfish." Luke tells me.

"You were." I state the facts.

"I'm really sorry, Harmony."

"I don't know what to say to you."

"I'm in love with you and I would do anything for you. I thought about it for a second and I realized actually how happy I am about this baby."

"You are?" I look up at him in awe.

No, Harmony! You're falling into his trap.

"I will do whatever I can to support you and our baby, Harmony."

The minute he said "our baby", I felt my hearts flutter.

"I'm not falling for that crap, Luke."

"I love you so much, is that not enough for you? I don't know what you want me to do anymore! I keep on..." Luke goes on and on.

I slam my lips on his in order to calm him down. He finally stops talking after minutes of going on and on.

"What was that for?" He starts to say.

I kiss him again.

"I love you too."

I just can't stand fighting with him. I'm just gonna let things take their own course from now on. If it's meant to be then it will be. All I know is I love Luke with all my heart. I'm not letting him go.

(Aww, how sweet are they?!)

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