Starting to Pay Attention

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After a month and a half of touring the boys had all finally calmed down. They had finished their last show in the current country the previous night and they had two days to relax before they would be spending four days driving to their next location. After having a good night’s sleep they were all calm and relaxed and excited for their day. Harry and Louis were the first up and out the door excited to do some sight seeing and assuming that Niall, Liam and Zayn were all asleep.

Niall was the next up. He stood up out of his ball and stretched. Sleeping on the ground sucked. Sighing as he realized that he’d forgotten to clean himself the night before he set his headphones aside and went to gather some clothing.

As Niall was gathering items from his suitcase Liam slipped out of the bathroom. “Morning Nialler. Who let you out?” Liam asked.

Niall grabbed his things and stood up to look at Liam. He hadn’t expected to run into anyone this morning seeing as how it was their day off and he thought that the boys would all be out sight seeing.

“Niall?” Liam asked a little confused at the boy’s silence. Niall was always so lively and seeing this quiet boy now was a bit disconcerting.  “What you got there?” he asked trying to switch topics.

Niall stayed silent though handing Liam what he had pulled out of his suitcase.

Liam raised an eyebrow at the continued silence but took the offering none the less. “Clothes huh? Did you get a bath last night?”

Niall shook his head in the negative. In truth he hadn’t had a bath in over a month.

“Right well” Liam said, “Let’s get going then”

Liam held out his hand to Niall who took it and let himself be dragged into the bathroom. Liam sat Niall on the toilet and started filling the tub before turning back to Niall, “Lets get you undressed then”

Niall stayed silent and compliant as Liam took off his clothes and then laid him on the ground. “How long ago did you use your nappy love?” Liam asked noticing that it was rather wet.

Niall just shrugged and stared up at the ceiling. He had used this nappy twice since it had been put on him and when hearing that he’d be bathed Niall had also messed it since he wouldn’t have to sit in it for very long. It was rare that he messed a nappy anymore for two reasons: 1) he didn’t know when he’d be changed and didn’t want to have to sit in it, and 2) he didn’t eat that much anymore thus leading to little waste as a byproduct.

“Oh baby” Liam said as he got a good look at the red, angry rash that covered Niall’s lower half, “Why didn’t you say something?”

Niall just shrugged again and waited patiently as Liam cleaned him up and then put him in the tub.

Liam put a rubber duck in the tub with Niall and started to wash his hair. He kept up a steady stream of dialogue with the boy hoping that Niall would respond to something but Niall just sat there silently, compliant but otherwise still. Once he was clean Liam lifted Niall out of the tub and rubbed a generous amount of cream all over the baby’s rash.

Niall let out a small whimper as Liam applied the cream and a couple of tears escaped his eyes but otherwise he was as emotionless as always.

“All done” Liam chirped once Niall was fully dressed, “I bet that feels better doesn’t it love?”

Niall just blinked and then stood up and headed out of the bathroom.

“Where are you going love?” Liam asked. Once again Niall was silent so Liam just sighed and grabbed Niall’s hand turning him towards the stairs, “It’s breakfast time”

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