Ch. 33

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Luke and I have a date today. I'm thinking that I'm going to tell him today. He needs to know sooner or later anyway. So today's the day...

So, I decide to pay a little visit to the bakery to make a special surprise for him. I'm gonna get them to make a big chocolate chip cookie cake and spell out the words "I'm pregnant" on it. It's gonna be great, let's just hope he will like it.

(Two hours later)

Luke should be here any minute. I set up a little picnic in the backyard. That's where I am going to reveal to him the news. I honestly don't know how he will react.

I hear the doorbell ring and I almost thought I was going to have a heart attack. I could feel the nerves kicking in.

"Hi Luke." I answer the door.

"Hey babe." He leans in to kiss me.

"I have something special planned."

I take his hand and lead him out to my backyard. Luke smiles at my gesture.

"Do you like it?" I sit down on the picnic blanket.

"I love it," he sits down next to me.

"Okay, I ordered some pizza."

"Of course you did" he replied.

Luke knows my love for pizza. I can't live without it. We start to eat and I decide to wait a little longer for desert.

"It was good" he said.


Luke takes my chin to pull me in to kiss him. I gladly oblige to the idea. My heart beat quickens as his lips touch mine. It gets heated quickly. Luke lays me back on the blanket. He starts playing around with my shirt. He tries to take it off me, as he places kisses down my neck.

"Luke, we can't," I say all too quickly.

"Sorry," he sits back.

"It's alright. It's just we can't do it out here in the open." I laughed at him.

"Sorry about that" he says.

I kiss him once more.

"It's alright. I'll be right back."

I go inside to get the box with the big cookie in it. I'm getting more and more nervous by the minute.

"I have another little surprise for you."

I sit down on the blanket and place the box down.

"What is it?" He asks trying to open it.

"Desert." I open the box for him.

He looks down and reads the giant cookie. His mouth drops open. I don't know whether to tell if his reaction is good or bad.

"You are?" He asks in shock.

"Yes." I answer in a really quiet voice.

"Oh my god!"

"Are you mad?" I ask him.

"I'm just in shock right now, Harmony."

Luke takes a moment to process the new information.


"I'm going to be a dad" he says.


"I'm only 18 and I'm going to be a dad!" He said.

Oh boy, this is completely the opposite of what I was hoping for.

"Who else knows?" He asked.

"My mom and your mom."

"Who else, Harmony?"

"Stacey, Rose, Quinn, Erica, Elisa, Alexis, Calum..." I try to finish.

"Ashton?" He questioned.


"Michael?" Luke frowned.


"So everyone knew about this before me?!" He yelled.

"Yes, I was going to tell you sooner but..."

"But what?! How could you wait to tell me something like this?" He said.

"I just..."

"Just what, Harmony?" Luke looks at me in anger.

"I was scared."

"Scared of what?" He asks now quiet.

"Of what you would say."

"Well now you know." Luke then walks away from me.


"I don't want to hear it" he said.

What just happened?!


I just can't anymore. This is all getting to be way too much for me to handle. I lost my dad not too long ago and now I'm pregnant with Luke's baby. Then, Luke leaves me. Just great, this just fricken great.

Phone conversation:

"Hello?" I hear Stacey's voice on the other end.


"Oh my god, you told him. Didn't you?" Stacey said.

"Yes, I need you now."

"I'll be there soon."

End of conversation~

Soon enough, Stacey shows up at my front door.

"Come in."

She walks in and hugs me.

"I kind of just surprised him with the news and he flipped out on me."

"I'm sorry," she sits down on the sofa.

"Are you gonna be okay?" She asks me, probably already knowing the answer.

"No," I cry softly.

That's all everyone seems to be asking me lately. Are you okay?...

Well, I'm not okay. I don't think I'll ever be at this rate.

(Sorry that it's so short. More is coming up soon!)

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