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Sorry it's a little late!

As you got closer he whipped his head toward you. H-his red orbs slowly disappearing and those beautiful green gems replaced them. "S-sonic?.." You asked wide eyed. "(Y-Y/N).." he stuttered, wide eyed. You stood on your knees, in much pain. "(Y/N) I hurt you didn't i.." He said turning his body towards you. Before you could respond he lunged toward you basically tackling you. "(Y/N) I AM SO SORRY!!" He balled his eyes out, unlike the sonic you know.. he was crying.. "Sonic.. It's o-okay, that wasn't even you.." You sniffed. He let go. "soni-" he smashed his lips against yours, you were shocked. The kiss lasted a few minutes. "(Y/N) you need to stay away from me.." He huffed, after the long kiss. "But soni-" "but nothing! Please.. I don't want to h-" his eyes widened, his body shook. "Sonic?!?!" You scooted away, terrified. "GET OUT OF HERE (Y/N)!!" He screamed. "Sonic!! Please!!" You cried. You stood up going to hug him, he swung his arm out and hit you which caused you to fly backwards hitting the wall. you were very lightheaded. With a hazy glare looking at sonic, you could faintly see him curled up. "S-so-" you stuttered your throat burning. You looked up to see it staring at you. IT was back.. EXE.. "EXE.. LEAVE SONIC ALONE!!" You screamed. "STOP (Y/N)!! RUN AWAY!!" Sonics voice echoed in your head. You got up and sprinted for the door, you were so close. EXE scratched your back, leaving a huge burn across it. As you were running out of the room the house was dark. Very dark. You could barley see. "(Y/N) it's me sonic.. Help.." You heard sonics voice and followed it to a door with stairs leading down. You reluctantly went down the stairs. "(Y/N)!" You heard.. Amy's voice? Uh-oh. You thought. All of a sudden the lights turned on. There they were. Amy, Vivian (my OC), and sally. "(Y/N) behind you!!" Amy screamed. Before you could re-act big arms grabbed you roughly. "Wanna play a game with me (Y/N)?" You felt EXEs breath on your neck. "Please stop.." you yelped feeling the burning on your back get stronger. "Just relax.." That was all you heard when you fainted from the pain in your back.
Sorry it's short. The next chapter will be detailed.. And maybe a little gory/lemon? Idk you guys decide what should happen next. 😏. Anyways tell me how I'm doing! Vote! And just read all you like! 💙 you guys are making a girl happy 💙💙💙👍

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