Who taught you a life lesson and what it is.

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Aries-Ashton, it's okay to be sad sometimes. but it's also okay to talk to someone.

Taurus-Michael. it's okay to be unique. Fuck the haters.

Gemini-Luke. it's better to be nice to everyone, and smile at random strangers, because it could make someone's day.

Cancer-Calum, be crazy, it makes life more fun.

Leo-michael, if someone makes fun of you, smile and say thank you, because now you have the power.

Virgo-ashton, bang on something, it helps let the emotions out.

Libra-Luke, ignore people who don't make you happy and a better person.

Scorpio-michael, it's okay to be shy, but make sure you are heard when you need to be.

Sagittarius-Calum, you are beautiful in someone's eyes. don't hang onto the negatives.

Capricorn-Luke, don't be afraid to let you true self shine.

Aquarius-Ashton, you'll find out who your true friends are soon

Pisces-michael, love with all your might, but never fall with all your weight.

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