Chapter 1

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(I guess this is what I meant of I'll make another story but make it top Kook and btm Tae- 💀)

3rd person POV

"Once upon a time, a little bunny boy went to a Tigers castle, he went inside Inside of the Tigers castle and found a lonely tiger.

The bunny felt hurt seeing the tiger so lonely. So he went up to him and asked if they can be friends.

The tiger was scared, he never had friends before, but then.

The bunny boy was sad that they can't be friends. The tiger transformed to a little boy and looked at the bunny boy.

The bunny boy then asked again if they can be friends. The little tiger agreed and for 15 years. They have been the best of friends."

A man said, while looking at a young girl.

The man closed a book and the young girl started watching him

"Dad?" The young girl said

"Yes?" The man answered

"what happens next?" The little girl said and the man chuckled

"They became strangers." The man said and the young girl was confused

"WHATTTTT?!" The young girl shouted and the man started to laugh

"How?! DAD. EXPLAIN. " The little said and her dad laughed

"Let's say, not all endings are happy." The man said and picked up the young girl

"But dadddddd" The young girl whined and her dad laughed

"You know.. You sound and look like your mom, you know that right sweetie?" The young girls dad said and the young girl nodded

"Yeah! Me and mommy has the same boxy smile! Right dad?" The younger girl said and her dad smiled

"Yeah.. Want another story?" The dad said and the young girl nodded

"Well buckle up sweetie, it's going to be a story of your mom and me" The man said and the young girl clapped in joy

But then. A little boy went inside a room

"I wan appa to read a stowy to jungie too!" A young boy said while walking to -supposedly- his dad

"Aww, does baby Jungie want appa to read him a story of me and eomma?" The man said and the young boy nodded

"Okay then, come here!" The man said and tickled them in the bed

"AHHH!! APPAAA! STOPPPP" The young girl said and the young boy just laughed

"Ahhhh, okay okay, let's start the story hm?" The man said to both of them.

the young girl and the young boy nodded

"Well. It started in June 13 2013, where I met both of your eomma" The man said

"Then what's next appa?"


The Man's POV

It was just a normal day in high school.

I was sitting in a bench while sketching a beautiful man.

You won't believe me but he was beautiful than Aphrodite

He had the most beautiful smile that would make anyone fall to their knees

He had soft, beautiful, kind of long hair.

He had cherry lips that's kissable to anyone

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