Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

            “Kamree?” Daxton looked to her for explanation. He’d stepped completely in front of her to block her from Gothel’s view.

            Utter panic engulfed her. How could she explain the situation to her boss when she herself didn’t fully understand what was happening?

            She curled her hand around Paisley’s shoulder and held her close. “I don’t understand, Ms. Gothel.” She desperately tried to keep the emotion from her voice.

            Paisley needed her to stay strong.

            Kamree pulled her shoulders back. “What are the charges?”

            After all, there was not a single sign of abuse. Paisley went to a fantastic school. She was fed.

            “It is my job to keep an eye on cases like this.” Gothel sat delicately on her crappy couch and placed her clipboard onto the mess of a coffee table covered in papers and bills. “I’ve spoken with Paisley’s teachers. You never pick her up from school. Her teachers claim that while you always drop her off, you are never the one to pick her up. None of them have reported seeing you at parent-teacher day.  A quick look at the fridge tells me she’s not as well fed as she needs to be.”

            “You looked through my fridge?” Wasn’t that illegal or something?

            “I have jurisdiction when the situation calls for it, Ms. Philips.”

            “Well there’s not much there because I haven’t been able to do a grocery run yet this week.” She lied.

            Gothel stared her down, a carefully arranged blank look on her face. “I will put that down on the form.”

            Meaning: I will put down that as a “parent” you are making excuses. “Can I ask who reported such a thing?”

            “Anonymity must be kept.” Gothel said, “The law requires us to investigate once a report has been made.”

            On her left side she could feel Daxton taking in the scene and putting two and two together. God, she never wanted Daxton to find out, not like this. It was supposed to be on her terms.

            “I’ve asked Paisley about her diet and what she eats.” Gothel tapped her pen against the armrest of the couch. “Combined with the poor living arrangements, unless you are able to do a complete 180 in the next month…” Gothel took a deep breath. “Consider it like ripping off a band aid. If we just get it done now, I won’t have to let Paisley suffer for another month while I work on getting a judge’s decree.”

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