oh no

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as charlie finished his day to day activities like chores and running erands he decided to pick up his phone from where he last left it.

suddenly he saw an eruption of notifications flood his phone from every social media which made him very worried.

his first instinct was to check twitter as that is where most of the drama happens. as he was doing so, he saw numerous comments under his recent tweet including the "where are the askers" lyrics.

confused, charlie scrolled through more comments trying to figure out what why he tweeted was so terrible.

lots of comments flashed by his eyes like:
"how could you"
"what the fuck is wrong with you"
"you're sick in the head"

still confused, charlie decided to check his messages to see if any of his friends had reached out to him to let him know what he done wrong.

"never text me again you ugly gremlin man"
"im blocking you"

"fucking bitchboy ur disgusting"

"you're never coming on the server again"
"forget about everyone in the dream smp"

"can't believe i called u a friend"

suddenly charlie started freaking out, still not understanding what he had done wrong. he was losing followers left, right and centre.

luckily charlie found a thread explaining what he had done wrong. the thread included saying that him tweeting out the lyrics of "where are the askers" was disgusting and the worst thing to happen in all of humanity, even worse than the ice age.

charlie decided to delete the tweet and put out a twitter apology that he wrote on his notes app. though, that wasn't enough as he was now getting death threats and losing followers even quicker.

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