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relationship status: dating
y/n's pov
birthday smut special 😏

"ahhh!! you did not! i squeal in excitement as i tear open the wrapped up box in front of me.

it reveals only the prettiest pair of earrings i've been wanting ever since i laid eyes on them.

i throw myself into vinnie's arms, my cheeks starting to hurt from smiling too much.

"they're so cute vin!" i kiss his lips as i tighten my grasp on his waist.

"thank you thank you thank you!" vinnie smiles and i smile against his lips.

"you deserve it baby" he says.

"that's not the only gift you're receiving though, just you wait" i widen my eyes at his smirk as a knock sounds at my door, probably my guests arriving.


"god you're so fucking hot" vinnie's eyes rake all over my body as i twirl and sway my hips at him.

"you like?" i mutter, watching as he nods slowly. the short red dress clings to my body
as i walk over to him. his breath hitches as i sit in his lap.

he squeezes my ass, as his fingers roam all over my body.

"we have guests downstairs vincent" i breathe out against his mouth.

"mhmm, i guess they'll just have to wait" his smirk quickly changed into a playful frown as i roll my eyes, walking back downstairs.


"thanks for coming everyone! i had a great time" i wave my family and friends off as they walk down the driveway of my house. vinnie sighs impatiently as i finally shut the door.

as soon as i turn my back to face him, he pins me up against the wall, attacking my lips with lust and want.

"you don't even know how many times i wanted to do this to you today" vinnie mumbles, ripping the mini dress from my body and pulling my naked body into his.

"let's get these off" vinnie bends down, pulling my underwear off my legs slowly. i suck in a breath as vinnie carries me into the bedroom, placing me on the bed and walking into the closet.

he walks back out with a pair of handcuffs and blindfold in hand.

a gasp leaves my lips as vinnie sets the led's to red.

"since it's your birthday, i'll go easy on you, unless you don't want me to?"

as much as i want to be able to walk tomorrow, i shake my head at his words.

"you like the pain huh? he smirks evilly before walking over to me. i nod my head as he attaches the plastic handcuffs to the headboard, along with my feet.

"such a pretty sight baby" he lowers his head down to my throbbing core, before sliding a finger over the wetness.

"so fucking wet already, just for me" vinnie hovers over me, wrapping the blindfold around my eyes before i squeeze my eyes shut. i suck in a breath as i feel his finger slide over my trembling skin, until he reaches my throbbing core.

"vinnie-" he pushes his finger onto my lip, shushing me. without any hesitation his licks a strip over my entrance with his tongue. i moan out, bucking my hips up wanting more.

"you like that, huh?" he works his magic as i squirm underneath him. i become a moaning mess, arching my back as i dissolve in pleasure.

"moan my name baby" vinnie pulls my blindfold off, i see his free hand wrapped around his erect dick. he throws his head back, waiting for the words to pass his lips.

"vinnie!" i moan out, the spring that's been coiling around in my stomach has now been released.

vinnie pulls his pants down fully, hovering over me again. he pushes into my entrance, slamming into me mercilessly.

"oh my-" i breathe out, gripping onto the handcuffs with all my might. vinnie buries himself into me, continuing to thrust in and out, groaning with every thrust.

my achingly swollen boobs become even more perky as i hear the skin clapping fill the room.

as much as i love the sensation that vinnie brings, his thrusts become deep and hard to the point that it slightly hurts.

after a while of ruthless slamming and thrusts, vinnie soars over the edge, pouring into me and sinking down onto me.

"happy fucking birthday to me" i breathe, my body writhing in ecstasy as i reach my climax again.

"fuck" vinnie rests half his body weight, being careful not to crush me. "god i love you" he whispers, brushing his lips against my ear. beads of his sweat lightly touch my forehead as my chest as i press our heads together.

"cuffs vin" i whimper out as vinnie jumps up, quickly removing the handcuffs from my arms and ankles. he rubs my sore wrists as i hiss at the slight pain.

"i'm sorry baby, i didn't know it would hurt that much" i laugh internally at his sudden demeanour change.

vinnie scoops me up into his arms, placing me onto the counter before filling the bathtub up with water and soaps whilst grabbing stuff of the shelves.

he rubs my aching wrists and ankles softly, before carrying me into the bath.

i squeeze my eyes shut as he climbs in behind me, cleaning me up and massaging my shoulders.

he runs his hand through my tangled hair, spraying warm water in it gently.

i smile at his attempt to comfort me, as my eyes begin to get droopy. he places kisses on my shoulders every now and then, slipping in a few 'i love you's' to soothe me too.

after that he carries me back into bed, giving me my clothes and a light peck to my temple. he puts his clothes on before switching the led's to a lighter colour and climbing in next to me.

"i love you baby" he whispers as i cuddle into his side and snuggle up to him, laying my head on his chest as he wraps his arms around me tighter.

"love you more vin" i murmur into his skin, before drifting off to sleep in the comfort of my boyfriend's arms.

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