|7| The Beast

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"Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man

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"Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man."

Odyssey by Homer


In my lifetime, I have played with many gods and monsters. On the battlefield and in my bed, each one was conquered by me. Every man and woman bowing before me without putting up much of a fight. I do not bow to anyone and even in the face of this new enemy, I will remain strong.

This man, this monster, is something have never faced before

"Anything else?"

My question strikes where it is supposed to and Ash rips the belt from my throat and replaces it with his large hand, slamming his lips onto mine. My swollen lips move across his and he lifts me into his arms. Our masked faces brushing one another and I find it erotic, the secrets we hide from each other even this close together. It's his turn to hurt me, biting down on my lip so hard I feel it split and I groan into his mouth. "Fucking bastard."

I am thrown onto the bed, my face hitting the bed before he drags me back, ripping my underwear clean off. The black lace fabric in pieces on the floor and I am spread open. Ash keeps me in my stockings and high heels, sending a hard smack across my ass.

"I'm not done, bitch."

He knows just what to say to turn me on.

Ash flips me onto my back without another word of warning, forcing my legs open to make room for him. The sheets stick to my skin, my hair fanned over me while I watch Ash take me in. Naked except for my heels and stockings, my pussy drenched and waiting for his mouth. He is hard, pumping his cock as he looks over me, fucking his fist at the sight of me spread open on the bed.

The man mutters something to himself but I can't hear it, too distracted to ask when he crawls onto the bed with me and forces my knees up against my shoulders. I am completely spread and he looks in between my legs, running his eyes across my pussy.

When he looks back up at me, his expression tells me one thing, he won't stop.

The monster does not bother with sweet touches, diving between my legs with his mouth open. Lips wrapping around my clit and I fall back onto the bed. There is no mercy, his tongue meeting my entrance and he swirls his tongue over the ridge. I bury my hands in his thick hair, moving it away so I can see him clearly.

I admire the view presented before me.

Devouring me, eating me whole, tongue sharpening to thrust inside of me and Ash swipes his tongue down. He shifts his jaw open more, taking his hand from my thigh to spread me open for his tongue. It bares my clit and he sucks it into his talented mouth. I am swollen and already dripping wet as he swallows all of me.

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