|5| The Sinner

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"By hook or by crook this peril too shall be something that we remember"

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"By hook or by crook this peril too shall be something that we remember"

Odyssey by Homer


The human psyche is weak.

It is easily manipulated, changed, and destroyed, our minds and body cannot be trusted. This one thing is clear, if you can't trust yourself, how can you trust anyone else? We are all beings forced onto the same plan, to kill and destroy each other until there is nothing left. It has been this way since the beginning of time.

The human psyche is a dangerous thing, it is a compulsion that makes us do horrible things. All because we believe that it is right, it is what feels good, it is what makes us feel full. We are all starving to feel something.

Even if it's wrong.

We are all a storybook of pain and affliction, a scab on the wound of existence. What is supposed to make us special and unique is our reckoning. On nights like this, I am reminded of how easily humans can cause their own destruction without even knowing it. Foolish beings that think they have the power to outrun fate.

Smoke drifts into the open air from my cigarette and I watch it fade into the light, filling my lungs and burning me whole. It is a bad habit but compared to what I do for a living, there are worse ways to die. Cigarette smoke and loaded guns, a life of crime and violence. Death could come to claim me any day.

I lean back against the vehicle, staring up at the grand building that stands before me, hidden deep in the concrete jungle. The night sky encompasses it and I am reminded of the mythology. The destiny shared. When a memory brews, my mind torments me with it. How far away from home, from that hell, and her. 

I hide it away as soon as the thought comes forward, the night and the gods among it, do not care about loss. 

The dark brick building looks like an ordinary warehouse, an abandoned structure like all the rest. I know that this place holds more than what meets the eye. In this business, it is important to hide where no one would think to look.

There are levels to things, scattered parts to every detail. I scan the area and note the eight guards patrolling the building from the outside, separate corners and eyes from two other guards on the roof. It is a fortress and they are protecting whatever is inside.

Flicking the cigarette butt from my fingers, I smash it under my shoe. The long stretch from the car draws the eyes of the guards, cautious as I step away from the vehicle with my men behind me. A man in a polished black suit steps forward ready to stop me until I utter the words,

"La conoscenza del bene e del male."

The scout nods to the others and they make way, the steel double doors opening before me and I send one of the men back to give Logan and Ambrose the go-ahead. If all goes well, I won't need any cover tonight. I won't be able to kill anyone on the property but I have no problems dragging them out of Eden and shooting them down at the crosswalk.

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