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So ugh, I ugh,- I was zoning off yesterday and this idea popped into my head and I thought I have to write it out, even though it would be a weird situation irl. Whatever. Hope you enjoy. XO

Someone was knocking on your door, but who could it be? Your classes for today were already finished, and there were no missions assigned for you for today. It was unusal, Maki wouldn't bother you, even though you two got along during school, she would not come to your room after.

You quickly got up, still in your uniform and dusted it off, smoothing over wrinkles on your skirt. You opened the door, seeing Nobara, who was holding a paper bag, grabbing it so hard, that her knuckles were turning white.

"Are you alright Kugisaki? Is there something I can help you with?" you asked motioning for her to come inside.

"Ugh, well, I was shopping and I accidentally bought something that I didn't want to and I thought that you would know maybe how to use." she said, sitting down on your bed, putting the paper bag on the surface, taking a box out of it.

"Damn Kugisaki, I never thought I could see you this flustered, it's kinda out of character for you." you said, laughing, then sitting down next to the box. "What is it? A vibrator?" you said jokingly.

"I-I, I think so..." said Nobara flustered, looking at her shoes is embaressment.

You didn't think this trough, you thought, why would she come to me with a damn vibrator?

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean it the wrong way." you awkwardly stared at the brown haired girl, wanting to jump off a cliff at the moment.
You had something for her, you knew, because the way you would catch yourself looking at her from afar when she was training, or how you would give her small things. Maybe she had something for you too, coming always to you to ask about from where you bought your skirst and jeans.

"Anyway" you tried to break the awkward silence that had overtaken the room. "Why would you need my help with this?" you said smiling, trying not to make the situation take a bad turn.

"I thought senpai could help teach me how to use it." she said, a deep red blush overtaking her beautiful cheeks.

"H-huh? Sorry what?" you were surprised by her words, this was something you didn't think would happen when you opened your door a few minutes ago.

She suddenly got up, facing you, then with a swift movement she kissed you. Everything happened so quickly, you found yourself kissing her back passionately, moving your hands up to her soft, short hair, slightly tugging on it.

"I want senpai to teach me because I like her a lot." said Nobara, now slightly smiling, her confidence coming back.

"Oh. Okay." you said smirking, signaling to her to sit on the bed. She moved to the middle of the bed, when you moved closer to her, kissing her cheek slowly.

"Then senpai is going to show you." you turned the toy on, buzzing filling the quiet room up.

You moved the toy closer to Nobara's clothed heat, gently pressing it amd moving it in circles. Nobara started whining quietly, turning her head towards the door. You took her head into your hands, turning it back to face you.

"Why did you turn your head away Nobara? Don't you like what senpai's doing?" you asked smirking, clearly seeing how she was melting under you.

"Mhhh, y-yes, I like it senpai, please keep doing it."

You pressed the toy on harder, earning a moan from the girl below you. Moving your head closer to her, you kissed her soft lips gently, moving down her neck, biting it, licking it, leaving small marks, that would show up tomorrow for sure.

"Hhhh- senpai, I-I'm ccoming!" she moaned your name as she looked deep into your eyes, while grabbing onto the sheets of your bed, making her knuckles white.

You turned the toy off, tossing it next to you, repositioning yourself between her legs, slowly removing her clothes. Her beautiful perky breasts were freed, allowing you too finally see them. You took one of her nipples into your hand, slowly rolling the bud inbetween your fingers, moving your head closer to the other one and nibbing it slowly. Nobara stared breathing faster, signaling that she likes your actions. You kissed her one more time before you stared removing your own clothes. You picked the toy up, turning it up as far as you could, and put it between the two of you. You positioned yourself above her, sitting on the toy as you could see Nobara already melting under you.
You hissed a little, the pleasure filling your whole body up as you grinded against the toy, rolling one of Nobara's nipples. You both were panting hard as your releases were really close, pressing your core into the toy harder, making Nobara feel the vibrations more then before.

"S-senpai, I think I'm-m c" Nobara tried to squeeze the word out, but her release cut her off, moaning the other half of the sentence.

Your own orgasm was taking over you too, as your legs were shaking from the sensation. You let out a long shaky breath before you turned off the toy beneath you. You got off of Nobara, who was a sweaty mess under you, her chest quickly rising and falling. You fell next to her on the bed, quickly hugging her.

"If you want to do that again, I'm up for it." You said smiling, giving her a peck on the cheek.

Her face was tinted with a deep red blush as she took the courage and kissed your lips as an answer.

"But next time we go shopping after that!" she giggled.

"Obviously, anything for my dear Nobara."

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