Chapter 20

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Salvatore Boarding House

Aaliyah walked into the boarding house, Stefan and Elena following close behind, "Damon!" he sped right in front of her, "Where's Lexi?"

Damon nodded upstairs, "I put her in one of the guest rooms, she's still weak from all the vervain that's in her system."

"I'm going to go check on her, stay there until she wakes up" Stefan walked past the three, stopping to give Aaliyah a small kiss on the forehead, before going to where Lexi was resting.

Aaliyah turned to Damon, "I'm going to tell Caroline everything. Now that I know Katherine is really here, I don't want her to be clueless of everything, only for her to get hurt."

Damon nodded understandably, " I'm going to go check in with Sheriff Forbes and see what I can find out" Damon left, leaving the two sisters alone.

Elena sighed, "Aaliyah you can't tell Caroline about anything."

"And according to you, why can't I" Aaliyah raised an eyebrow

"You're going to be putting her in danger," Elena tried to reason

Aaliyah scoffed, "I've already put her in enough danger by keeping her in the dark. I'm telling Caroline and that's final." Aaliyah left in the direction of Stefan's room, hoping to get some sleep.



Next Day

Aaliyah was in the living room of Caroline's house waiting for her reaction about everything she just told her, " Care?"

Caroline looked up, " yeah, just give me a minute"

"I didn't tell you about everything because I was afraid of how'd you react, but then I realized I was only putting you in, more danger if anything, " Aaliyah stumbled to get words out, but was cut off when Caroline hugged her

Caroline smiled, "I understand why you did it, I'm just glad you decided to tell me,"

Aaliyah pulled away, "Of course I mean I can't keep any secrets from my best friend now can I"

"What kind of best friend would you be if you did," Caroline chuckled, " Aaliyah, what happened with Damon?"

Aaliyah sighed shakily, " He wanted to use you, so that he could blend in more as a human and to get what he supposedly needed for his own gain. He used you as a blood bag in the process"

Caroline chuckled, tears in her eyes, " Is he still a terrible asshole"

" I think he trying to make an effort to change," Aaliyah said softly

"Then I think I'll be able to tolerate him"


I'm having some personal issues that's making it hard for me to write, but I wanted to at least post a short chapter for you guys.


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