Ch 14 || And quidditch season begins

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Scorpio pov

Finally, it was Saturday, and ngl I was pretty excited about the match today. [The first quidditch match of the season usually takes place on the first Saturday in November. I searched it up lol.] At breakfast, the hall was buzzing with anticipation. I went straight to the Slytherin table and took a seat beside Cepheus. Ara was still snoring away in our dorm, and none of the girls seemed to be here yet.

"Hey man," Cepheus greeted me sleepily, and I replied with an awkward wave that was just me wiggling my fingers. I cringed a bit and then helped myself to the food in front of me.

I looked up as Aries plopped into the seat across from me, a half-asleep Capricorn in tow. I greeted them with a nod and returned to devouring my pancake.

One by one the other two girls and Ara walked in and took their places too, and soon the area around me was filled with excited chatter.

"Did you know that the Gryffindors just got a new captain?" asked Catrina, blowing at her freshly painted nails.

"This is going to be his first match as a captain right? That gives Slytherin an advantage!" Exclaimed Capricorn, who seemed to be fully awake now.

"How so?" Asked Ara, his mouth full.

"Chew your food!" Cepheus, sounding absolutely disgusted, pushed Ara away from him and accidentally off the bench. Ara pretended to faint, and surprise surprise, no one bothered to go help him up. Dramatic idiot.

"It's gonna be his first time leading so he's bound to make a mess of it," Aries said matter-of-factly, a grin spreading across her face.

"He doesn't have experience working with the pressure of being looked at for answers by his team mates," said Capricorn at the same time, not even looking up from her food. 

"In other words, we're winning this," I added, eyeing Ara and wondering if I should get him off the floor. I eventually decided to leave him there and focus on my food, tuning out the conversation around me by weighing the odds of Slytherin winning against those stupid lions. The odds were looking very, very good, I thought, and I knew I probably looked like I was scheming something evil on the outside.

Leo pov

"My face!" I whined to Libra, who was trying to shush me so she could focus on her stupid studies. "Do something!" I looked in the mirror, feeling worse and worse.

You see, I wasn't able to sleep last nigh due to how excited I was about today. I had these huge bags under my eyes, and they were n o t gucci. My face looked swollen and, though I'm not someone who cares that much about how I look, I refuse to go out looking like this on such an important day. 

"Libraaaaaaaaa-" I whined again, hoping she'd help me out. She was always studying, maybe she'd know a spell that could fix me up? But she refused to even listen to me, saying I looked fine. I don't look anywhere near fine! I looked once again in the mirror, at the tiny bags under my eyes. Make up could fix this, but I'd rather walk around like this then put that shit on my face. 

"Hey, you guys alright? You missed breakf-"

"Aquila quick, it's an emergency!" I turned around to see her face poking in from the doorway.

"Who died, where's the body, pick it up and follow me quickly!"

"My fac- wait, body? Someone died?"

"I don't know! You said it's an emergency, so I-"

"My eyes, please, fix my eyes!"

"...that's all?" I nodded at Aquila, doing my best impression of puppy eyes. She sighed and walked over, saying she remembered a spell her mother often used. Here's to hoping she remembered it right...

Aquarius pov

"We are so..." I looked at Sagi, waiting for his response.

"...excited?" He asked more than said, not really looking all that excited. 

"No no, you can't frame it as a..." I waited, hoping he'd get it.

"As a what?" He looked confused, and I grinned at him. He'll get the hang of it eventually, I hope.


"...right." We had been practicing trying to finish each others sentences, and I do believe we were improving bit by bit. Maybe we could someday read each other's minds without the use of a spell. [*winks*] The thought made me smile harder, to the point where I likely looked psychotic. 

"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it," Taurus encouraged, her eyes flitting around in excitement. "What's more important is I thought you said you don't like quidditch?"

"When did I say that?"

"Chapter thirteen, my pov."

"No, I did not."

"You totally did."

"Did not"

"Did too."

"Did.." I turned around to face Sagi, hoping he'd take my side, only to find him running towards the pitch. "Sagi wait for me!" I started running after my friend, hoping to lose Taurus in the crowd and effectively stop this pointless argument. I would never say I disliked quidditch!

Virgo pov

"What the fuc-" I barely managed to stay on my feet as a group of seemingly fourth years bulldozed past. "Watch where you're going!" I screamed after them, aggressively dusting imaginary dust off my coat. I get the hype about quidditch, I really do, but must everyone be so loud?

"You alright?" I searched for the source of the voice and saw Fornax waiting for me to gather my senses. The others didn't seem to notice and walked on. Earlier that day the first years had decided to walk to the pitch together for the very reason that the grounds would be crowded, and easier to navigate through in a group.

"I'm fine, we should catch up before we get separated," I replied, jogging to catch up to Pisces and Volans at the back to the group. Fornax reached them at the same time as me, choosing to use his momentum to push them forwards and scare the crap out of them. 

"Ouch? Did you have to?" Volans asked, seeming pissed. Pisces, on the other hand, was smiling.

"You got scared, didn't you?" Fornax replied, grinning at him. 

"N-no." Volans's expression said enough, and we all, including me, burst out laughing. 

"Hurry up, slowpokes," Gemini yelled, falling back in order to grab Pisces and Fornax by the arms and physically drag them forwards. Volans and I took that as the cue to speed up, awkwardly elbowing people out of the way as we fought to keep up. And after a lot of sorry's and excuse me's, we could finally see the pitch without the taller kids blocking our view. 


It has been forever since I updated so I decided to bs a chapter. Hope its not too bad :D

Also, I'm not sure how to write the quidditch match and want your opinion on it. Should I narrate the whole match for this year when there are no zodiacs actually playing, or just skip through till the part where the snitch is caught with a bit of commentary from the zodiacs?

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