Sorry, if Haruka was acting to much out of character. I just hate to innocent, naive girls. I mean some of them are nice but sometimes it just becomes to much. Like Yui from Diabolik Lovers...

So here it is. It turns out I'm better when I do person's point of view. Not the 3rd person p.o.v But  I'm going to work on it.

Haruka P.O.V

  As much as I wanted to take Natsuki shopping. I can’t.  I mean not that I don’t want to take her shopping. I just literally can’t. I’ve been chasing her around the room. Trying to remove her from that play boy bunny costume that magically appeared in her hand. I didn't even know the male Natsuki owned one of those.

   You were probably wondering... WOW! Nanami your being cool and laid back for once. To answer that, ever since my childhood best friend now my boyfriend, Rei came into my life. I've been coming out of my shell like a turtle. Slowly, but coming out nonetheless I was coming out. 

  Back to the story. Natsuki was wearing this really provocative bunny suit while running down the hallway. I passed Rei screaming in frustration. 

"What are you doing standing there!! CATCH HER!! NOW!!" Yes; I can really be scary when I want too.

"Ok! Ok'' Rei said running beside me with both of his arms raised in the air with that 'I'm Innocent' impression. Knowing him it is far from innocent.

"Come back here!! Now!!!"


"WATCH OUT!!!" Rei screamed beside me

Somebody catch her please. Before I strangle and kill her with my bare hands!!!

Tokiya P.O.V

  To those who think being an idol is easy. You’re wrong. Being an idol ain’t easy. You have an insane president and extremely annoying sempai’s who demand a lot. But if you ignore the downsides you will notice there is something good of it.

   I don’t know ever since Natsuki became a girl, I’ve been having these mix feelings when I’m with her, I also know the guys feel the same except maybe for Rei since Haruka is his girlfriend and those two are happily in love.

  Anyways, were practicing for our upcoming Utapri battle with Heavens, and were missing Natsuki for the day. I know that for today, Haruka will take her shopping for some new clothes. Since Natsuki now’s a female her male clothes were too big for her. And she can’t wear Haruka’s clothes because, that would be too tight! Her well-endowed-chest may be squished or pushed up. Hmm. That isn’t a bad idea at all. Big breasts pr-

   “Watch Out” I heard Rei scream in distress outside before the door burst open. I looked up from the book I was reading. And my jaw dropped.

   I noticed Natsuki was wearing a playboy bunny costume that clung well to her curves and chest! I also noticed that the guys stopped singing and started screaming in warning. Pre-occupied with my thoughts I didn’t even notice her barreling towards me until my back hit the ground with a loud thud.

  “What are you wearing?!” Syo asked his face tinged pink. As arousing as this is, it’s weird. He was a male once and me crushing on him as a girl now is awkward.

“Clothes. Syo-chan. DUHH” Natsuki replied rolling her eyes as she stood up from our previous position.

“Change Now”

“Natsuki. If you want to go shopping I think you better change your clothes now.” Thank God for Masato. He was the most sensible one here well except for Camus, Ai and I. But those two are probably sadist so only me.

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