Chapter 19

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*In Roc's Room. In walks Stephanie after she talks to the cop.

Khalil- How did it go?

Steph- it..

Khalil- *Cutting Steph off* Did you say it was Madison?

Steph- I..

Khalil-*Cutting her off again* Or did you snitch? *Said with a disgusting tone*

Roc- You need to chill and watch how you talk to her. *Says while Standing and getting a little defensive*

Khalil- I don't have to watch nothing *Standing up*

Roc- Do i have to show you how to respect a female.

Khalil- What? Boy you think I'm afraid of you? You over here trying to act all hard boy please i will tear yo ass down in a second. Im not about to let no man make me look soft.

Roc- *laughs* Thats alot of talk for a guy whose crying and defending a girl who just tried to kill us all. i'm for forgiveness and all but my arm says different.

Khalil- She made a mistake!

Emerald- We all did *Standing up*

Moe- Why are you speaking?

Emerald- Because i have a mouth. I'm not sure but i think thats why god gave us a mouth, to speak.

Moe- Who are you catching an attitude with? Just cause we didnt snitch doesn't mean we are all buddy buddy. You guys murdered two people.

Jolesha- Two?

Moe- The bus driver and Miland don't play stupid

Emerald- i didn't kill anyone, i didn't shot Miland and I didn't break the drivers neck.

Steph- Wait back up. Did you say break the drivers neck? i thought he died in the accident.

Emerald- No, madison snapped his neck to keep him from talking.

Aliyah when could she have done that?

Emerald- She told me that they went back to the crash sight when they heard moaning. While they were there they were talking about their plan so to keep him quiet they, My bad Madison broke his neck.

Moe- Yall are some heartless people. How could you sit back and watch her do all of this. We should have snitched when we had the chance. Fake ass.

Emerald- Like I said the first fucking time, I only agreed to help Katiana to protect my sister. Now im not gunna sit here and let you blackmail me. If you wanna go tell the police be my guest. *Sits back down*

Nychelle- look no one is snitching. Just sit down and chill.

Khalil- How can i chill? With the possibility of you guys going to jail because someone let the pressuer get to them.

Roc- Didn't i say Watch how you speak to my girl?

Khalil- man sit your injured ass down. I'll do what i want

Roc- Don't let this arm sling fool you i will beat your scrawny ass.

Steph- Calm down *steps in between them* and how do you know i snitched if you didn't Let me answer, I mean I would have loved to answer if you had let me get a damn word in Khalil. And Roc baby your hurt enough, Sit down *They both sit down*

Khalil- I'm sorry... I just..

Moe- And why are so set on protecting these three? are you apart of them?

Khalil- No..

Moe- then why are you picking fights and getting so hype for a girl you barley know?

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