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Gia's POV

"Priya did you steal my bangles?"
"I needed a few silver ones" she called out from the bathroom.
"But you bought a set the other day" I grumbled.
"Like I said, I needed more silver" she poked her head out of the bathroom and in front of my annoyed face. She looked stunning and it annoyed me even more. Not because I was jealous, buh because I was noht happy with the way I looked and I felt like her gorgeous self, taking my bangles were noht helping. I'm noht generalleh thah much of a bangle person, buh I do like to goh all out when it comes to tradition.
"Soh now whah am I supposed to wear?" I pouted.
"Just wear the ones you have"
"Buh they aren't enough"
"It doesn't matter Giashka, it's my party"
"Yeah whahever" I stormed off to my room to go do my make-up. I didn't often wear aneh buh I knew what went where and within ten minutes I was done. I put on my shoes(uncomfortable sari sandals I wasn’t very fond of) and then my bangles, which I still wasn't wasn't too happeh about, and then looked at myself in the mirror. I secretly hoped Zayn would think I looked good, I was trying really hard. I mean this Gia was a far cry from the girl in a guns and roses t-shirt and denim shorts that he'd met thah day at the church. Don't geht me wrong I was still me, just a little more girleh and dressed op. Well, it was my sister's engagement party after all.

Louis' POV

"You know, I have absolutely no idea how these things work. I mean what is an engagement party anyway?"
"Bro chill out is just a parteh, like celebratin your engagement. You don't realleh havta do anehthing, just like be there and talk to people and stuff. You're good at thah" Zayn shrugged straightening his tie in the mirror.
"Yeah I reckon it'll be alright"
"Yeah and you geht to see Priya"
"Now that's an up" I smiled.
"Oh bro you goht it bad" he teased patting me on the back.
"Yeah like you're not all excited to see Gia" I shot back raising an eyebrow.
"Do ah look okeh?" he turned to face me trying to change the subject but the blush on his face was so evident. Honestly I never understood how you could be so hung up on someone and yet so afraid to make a move. But I guess Zayn and Gia aren't Priya and I.

Zayn's POV

The moment I walked in my eyes scanned the room for her. The parteh was at Loueh's flat, since he hadn't realleh moved in yet it provided the perfect open space. Atleast thah's whah his mom told meh. Whoever had done the decor had done a realleh good job of it though cause there was no wey you'd imagine this being Tommo's house. I smiled and waved at a few people thah I recognised buh my eyes kept searching the room. I spotted Priya talking to Mishka and who I assumed was her mom. She had on a red and black sari with silver detailing and she looked stunning. Loueh's a luckeh lad.
"Hi Zayn" I turned around and came face to face with an older version of Gia.
"Oh uh hi Mrs Singh" I smiled and she pulled me into a hug.
"How have you been doing? Staying out of trouble I hope?"
"Uh yes ma'am"
"Good boy. Nice seeing you again" she smiled and then walked off.
"Uh yeah you too" I mumbled. I was soh excited about seeing Gia tonight thah I'd actualleh forgotten about her parents being there as well. I mean sure her mom was nice enough, buh I knew from experience thah her dad would be watching meh like a hawk. Now how was I gonna make my move?

Gia's POV

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