44- Pregnant ?

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Sorry I've been away for a while just school and working for the play, and stuff.


I looked at the small + sign on the test that now officially proved that I am pregnant .

What was i supposed to tell Neymar now .

I mean we have been together for less than a year and he already have a son.

I don't think that he'd want another kid right now .

But I don't want him to break up with me,  I'm going to have to keep it a secret from him.

The front door made a loud noise closing.

"(y/n) baby where are you ?" I heard Neymar's voice coming close.

"i'm coming Ney " i called out for him.

I threw the test in the trash without thinking and went out of the bathroom.

He saw me nearing him and he wrapped me in a hug.

Neymar leaned down and kissed me fully.

"how was training ?" i asked him .

"great , how was your day baby?" he asked me as he sat on the couch pulling me into his lap.

"meh i did some stuff here and there " i stood up from his lap.

he pouted looking up at me.

"Why did you get up?"

"you stink go shower" i pecked his lips walking into the kitchen.

"fine babe but i will be back"



Neymar called my name as i was sitting on the couch the TV on but deep in my thoughts.

"yes ?" i asked him as i saw him enter the room.

"waht is this ?"

he asked me holding the test in his hand.

"I- Neymar I'm sorry , i know we haven't been together for long and you already have little Davi but-"

I was cut off by Neymar's lips crashing down on mine.

We pulled away and he looked down at me.

"don't be sorry about this aver" 

He kneeled down so that he was eye lever with my stomach.

"hey there little one, i don't know if you can hear me, but i'm your daddy ,and i love you and your mommy"

He lifted my shirt a bit and  kissed my not yet forming bump.

he looked up at me and stood up .

"I love you, thank you"

"i love you too Neymar."



I'm sorry it's short but i can barely write i twisted my wrist.






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