Chapter 1: Fake Boyfriend

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You may be wondering why I need a fake boyfriend, hell, I'm wondering why too, but it all started yesterday, I was hanging out with my new my group of friends. I just moved to this town a couple weeks ago and gladly excepted when these 3 girls; Meghan, Jamie and Jennifer, accepted me into their group:

"Look, we need to tell you something..."
I shifted uncomfortable on the couch in Meghan's huge room while Jamie was taping away on Facebook or something.

"And that is..." I asked, gulping slightly.

"All of us have boyfriends except for you. If you don't get a boyfriend is less than two weeks we have to kick you out. It's apart of our code." She said.

But all I heard was smack, from her gum. Gross.

"In less than two weeks?! But I just moved here and I don't know anyone!" I cried.

"It's okay babe, you're hot, you can do it." Jamie said friendly. She's my favorite out the the 4 of us because she isn't a dumb blonde, or a fake one that will smile at you one day and hate you the next.

Hey, I didn't say I like everyone out of the group. Jennifer has slept with every guy in the school and Meghan is a snobby rich girl with a jock boyfriend.

I smiled at Jamie.

Jennifer just rolled her eyes. "Two weeks, or you're out. Jamie had to do the same thing and she got one in a week." Jennifer smiled. Wow, that helped a lot. Jamie is way prettier than me.

She has dark clear skin and black hair that goes to her back. She's tall and lean with a gorgeous smile. And I'm just... bleh.

How am I going to get a boyfriend in two weeks?

Then an idea popped into my mind. It's risky, but smart. It would lead me into a lot of trouble if anyone found out, but like I said, its smart.

All I need is a fake boyfriend.

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