Chapter Five: A Long and Restless Night

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      Her hands slid down my bare chest as she worked her magic on my lower body. I couldn't help the breathy moan that escaped my dry lips or the way my body tensed as I came close to release. Letting my head fall back, I tried to keep my hands from tracing her face and tangling in her long locks. When her hand tightened on my inner thigh while the other cupped my jewels, I felt my body tense once more for a moment then release leaving me a bit light headed.

      Her hands traveled from my navel up my chest and met my shoulders as her lovely face came into view. Her lovely exotic features blocked my view of anything else as she smiled down at me then mouth from my ear to my Adams apple.

      I let my hands meet her bare hips applying small but gentle pressure there and she let out a small chuckle that soothed my soul. Her face came back into view and my eyes locked onto her gorgeous light browns. Her features were so innocent but her expression was a bit devious and seductive. When she moved her hips in a slow grind, my body trembled causing a sexy smile to spread across her face.

      She laughed a bit at my body's reaction and I couldn't help but think how infectious her happiness was. Bringing my mouth to hers, I kissed her deeply breaking her rule and what little space there was left between us. At first, her smile faltered but then I felt her continuous smile into the kiss.

      Tangling her colorful hair between my fingers, I felt myself smiling along with her.

      She pulled back a bit breathless and I found myself breathing just as heavily. She pecked my lips once more before my name came from her lips brushing against my mouth gently.

      Before I could mutter her name I jolted awake in a cold sweat. I glanced around myself realizing I wasn't in my office having casual sex with one of my students but at home laying on my couch just dreaming about it.

      Sitting up, I shook to banish the dream from my mind. I couldn't be dreaming about Ms. Vega. Not only was she one of my students but the poor girl was seventeen. She was only a child in high school and I was fantasizing about sticking my tongue down her throat and worse.

      Putting my head in my clammy hands, I tried my best to calm my rapid breathing and heart rate. But it wasn't fear for my career that had my pulse racing and I knew it which only made me feel more like a perverted bastard than I was willing to admit. It was one night. One night that I had to forget or it would ruin me.

      Sighing, I fell back to the couch willing my tense muscles to relax so I could get some sleep before I had to play a role I didn't want to play in the next few hours.

      Keeping her secret shouldn't be hard. She'd been keeping it for, hell I didn't know how long she'd been doing this. Part of me wanted to help her get out of this situation. To help her before she could do something reckless and get hurt. She was my student I didn't want to see any harm come to her even if she had seduced me.

      Numerous questions ran through my mind preventing me from getting any sleep. Was she using protection? We had but what was to stop others from pressuring her not to. They thought she was of age. What type of things did they have her doing? Not to mention the stripping part of her job. It was very dangerous for her to work late hours leaving her tired an unfocused during the day. And what about those who became violent. I'd seen one case tonight before I'd fled the club. Some man gotten a bit too handsy with one of the girls and had to be thrown out. What if he decided to come back later and harm them when the place closed. There were many missing hooker or murder cases with the same story. What was to stop fate from dealing Ms. Vega a crappy hand.

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