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Naruto was at Sasuke's house sitting on his bed agitated slightly. 'that teme' Naruto thought. ;first he kisses me then drags me to his place and now he makes me sit here waiting!'

soon though Sasuke came in wearing a shirt half way zipped up and tight boxers. his entire body was smoking hot and gorgeous! Naruto opened his mouth to speak but Sasuke was already on top of him and kissing him passionately.

"nnnhh...!" Naruto muffled out as sasuke's tongue slithered into the boy's mouth tracing his lips hungrily. finally he broke their hot kiss leaving Naruto flushed red and panting. "t-teme!"

Sasuke smirked "dobe" and then his hot lips locked with Naruto's again, dominating his tongue.

Nnh!..nnnhh....'' soon Naruto's protests melted and he invited the raven haired boy's tongue in. Naruto started moaning and tried to take domination over sasuke's tongue now. but Sasuke bit the blonde's lower lip growling. "try that again and imma spank you," Naruto's eyes widened at his obviously dominant partner and nodded submitting as he was smothered with hot kisses and Sasuke soon moved to nipping his neck and licking making the blond shudder. "so sensitive. dobe" he chuckled darkly and unzipped Naruto's jumpsuit licking the pink nubs and biting forcefully.

Naruto gasped and moaned melting. Sasuke sat on the blonde's hips and removed his other clothing pieces and stripped Naruto too. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hard-on and started jerking him off.

Naruto turned a deep red and twisted his head gasping "S-Sasuke-Chan!" sasuke's pumping increased rapidly.

"you'll call me Sasuke-sama or sensei when we're alone. got it.?" he gripped tighter getting hard himself.

"ah! ah! yes Sasuke-sama!" Naruto felt his climax rising and so did Sasuke because he was stroking at rapid speeds. Naruto's face was a deep red as he cam onto sasuke's hand. Sasuke smiled and licked his fingers.

"teme! who does that?!"

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow. "I just said to call me Sasuke-sama or sensei naughty boy." Sasuke flipped his blonde on his stomach and pinned him down landing spanks to his bottom.

Naruto gasped in surprise and tried getting away but received a harder smack. he only got ten when it was over and sasuke's eyes filled with lust as he inched his member into Naruto's bum.

Naruto yelled loudly first and then Sasuke was thrusting in and out of roughly. Naruto's mouth gaped open moaning his name "Sasuke sama! oh! ah! yeah! h-harder!" he cried out and Sasuke took that invite pumping deeper and harder. "oh! SA-SASUKE! SAMA!" Naruto's hands gripped the sheets his muscles clenching and unclenching making Sasuke groan when his member was squeezed in the blonde's already tight. firm ass.  

Sasuke couldn't resist and he slapped Naruto's ass hard. he cried out and moaned for more. Sasuke soon was humping him and spanking him. "oh! Naruto! god!" Sasuke rammed in once more and cam roughly and made sure to pump himself dry before he let out. Naruto laid on the bed panting and drained of his bodily mess. Sasuke turned him over and kissed him again rubbing their crotches together. "sasu-" Sasuke grabbed his ass with force. "ah!---teme!" Sasuke growled and smacked his ass even using an ounce of chakra this time .

"Its Sasuke- sama or sensei. dobe." Naruto made a noise of pain mixed with slight pleasure.

"gah! yes Sasuke-sama!" Sasuke started humping Naruto with their crotches rubbing making Naruto hard again. Sasuke smirked kissing Naruto lustfully before moving down licking his tanned muscled body. soon he reached Naruto's erection and put the whole dick in his mouth. Naruto gasped with surprise and looked down at the raven haired boy. "Sasuke-sama?" Sasuke growled and Naruto moaned at the vibration until he was smacked across his now red ass and he shut his eyes and yelped.

"don't question your master. dobe." Naruto jerked in surprise

"master!?" he was violently pushed back down by Sasuke.

"yes. master. I'm the seme. the dominant one, so I'm your master. now shush and enjoy." he mumbled taking Naruto's hard on back into his mouth and sucked violently hard.

"oh!" Naruto gripped his hands into the black hair before spreading his legs open farther. Sasuke moaned and so did his uke. Naruto thrusts a bit before melting into the bed and Sasuke licked his tongue onto the hard member and sucked quicker as naruto tensed at his climax before shooting out his load of cum. Sasuke gulped it down and climbed back onto the panting naruto. "Sasuke....sama" he gasped out.

Sasuke smirked at him "yes. my pet." Naruto turned a deep shade of red.

"y-your really bed I mean." Sasuke smirked and kissed on his neck and Naruto moaned "Sasuke-sama!" Sasuke stopped as three bright hickeys appeared on the blonde's neck.

"your good in bed too Naruto-Chan" he whispered lowly into his ear making the boy shiver. "and keep your jumpsuit zipped up unless you want everyone to see those sexy hickeys.

naruto turned red again "Sasuke! teme!.....I mean s-sama!" Sasuke smirked letting that one slide and laid next to his uke and cuddled his back to his chest. naruto had no complaints as he let him do as he wished now.

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