Angel - Ziall

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I've been sitting here waiting for the past hour. Niall said that he had something special planned for us tonight.
We rarely get time to ourselves because of the band and touring so I'm very excited.

As I sit here, I can't help but remanence about our relationship. It was love at first sight.
He was the happy, playful, hyper one and I was the quiet, reserved, and shy one.
He slowly brought me out of shell. He taught me to open up and laugh about things that weren't really that funny.
We started dating shortly after the Take Me Home tour. We were having a casual conversation when he kissed me out of the blue. I had been suppressing my own feelings and immediately responded. Afterwards, he told me about how he never felt he had a purpose until he met me. I told him I felt the same. He asked me to be his boyfriend and, of course, I said yes.

The thought still puts a huge smile on my face today.
I check my watch and see that another half hour has passed. I sigh.

I decide to turn on the television to help pass the time. I put on the news. What I see shocks me.
The headline states that an accident has occurred downtown in one of the busy intersections. Apparently, a drunk driver failed to stop at the stoplight and collided headfirst with another vehicle. The sober driver was killed on impact.
A reporter comes on and what she says makes my world stop.

"Famous boy band member, Niall Horan, has just been confirmed to be the driver that was hit and killed just a few moments ago. Many people are in shock and are wondering if the other band members have heard ..."
My phone rings before I hear the end. I pick up the phone and see that it's Liam. I answer.
"Zayn... Have you heard?"
I dont reply. I simply let out a choked sob and fall to the ground.
How could he leave me? I loved him more than anything.
I curl into a ball and continue to sob.

I don't know how long I've been laying here. I stopped crying a while ago. I feel numb.
I here the door open and someone calling my name. It sounds like Liam. I see him as he enters the room. He looks to be holding back tears. He immediately runs up to me and hugs me tight. I don't respond.
"Zayn. They have him in the morgue in the hospital. They called management and told them that we could go see him. Harry and Louis are already there."
I simply nod my head.
He helps me up and leads me to his car. I get in and he drives us to the hospital.

As soon as we get there, we see Harry and Louis who have obviously been crying. We are all ushered into the morgue. He's the only one in there.
As soon as I see him, my legs give out under me. Harry catches me before I fall.
I grip onto him and try not to cry.

A nurse walks in.
"Excuse me, this was found in Niall's pocket."
She hands it to me.

It's a small, black box with the initials engraved on it in gold. I open it.
Inside I find an engagement ring with a note attached.
I open the note and read:
" Dear Zayn, I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you. You're perfect in every way. I think it's time that we took our relationship to the next level."
I start to cry again. I put the note back in the box and walk over to his lifeless body.

I push his hair back off of his face.
" I love you too... my angel."


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