Independence Klaine fanfiction

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It was dark outside Dalton Academy for boys. The sky was shining with stars above, and the moon was reflecting off the window in the choir room. The occasional sounds of a bird chirping could be heard outside.

It was just as quiet in the choir room, except for the sound of the air conditioning and occasion flip of a page. That was coming from a young boy in a blue and red uniform sitting by the warm fireplace. 

The boy was studying a heavy textbook, holding a pencil in one hand with his face relaxed but concentrated. He looked around fifteen, with his porcelain skin and light brown hair. He bit his lip, as if something had suddenly stumped him, before letting an understanding expression take over. He moved the notebook beside him over and quickly scribbled something on it.

He looked up when he heard the click of the door opening to find a curly haired and dapper looking boy  walking in with an elegant smile on his face. His hazelnut eyes reflected the fireplace in front of him.

The boy with glaze eyes smiled warmly at the boy before him.

" What are you doing up here, Blaine? It's quite late." He said kindly looking at the so called Blaine. 

"I could ask the same. I wanted to see how you're doing, to make sure you're fitting in alright." Blaine replied, taking a few steps forward. " Kurt, your bed was empty." He elaborated.

Kurt laughed gently." You checked to see if I was in my room at midnight? I don't know, Blaine." He said jokingly.

Blaine laughed along with him, his beautiful features emphasized.

"Nevertheless, it's touching to know that you care." Kurt said sincerely.

Blaine could tell clearly that Kurt had his walls up, and it was really well built too. He really wanted Kurt let it down, and although he said he was worried about Kurt fitting in, he really wasn't. He was worried that Kurt would pretend to be someone else rather then let people in.

If he'd just let himself be who he is, Blaine was sure everyone would love him just as much if not more, and this time, it would be for who he truly was. Either ways, Blaine didn't communicate this. He didn't want to pry, but it hurt him to think that Kurt doesn't feel comfortable enough to even open up to him. They were close friends, weren't they? 

He shook these thoughts away before Kurt could even recognize them. He looked at Kurt to find him staring back, smiling. It was so fake yet beautiful that Blaine wanted to cringe. He ignored the temptation to do so and instead reached over to Kurt's table and took a glance at his textbook.

"Ah, Charlemagne? Must be a pain. If you need help with the book I can offer my assitance." Blaine said, remembering his experiences with it.

" No, I think I am alright. Thanks though. You should go back to sleep." Kurt said before stifling a yawn. At this distance, Blaine noticed the dark circles under Kurt's eyes.

"Kurt Hummel, you are such a hypocrite! You're the one that needs sleep, not me!" Blaine said teasingly and mocking defiance, and began packing Kurt's study books.

"Wait, I can't! I have so much homework. I have to keep up." began Kurt before adding hesitantly, 'You know how steep Dalton is, and I can't even start to believe that my father and Carole are covering this with just their honeymoon! I have this underlying suspicion that-'

He stopped, reaching for his things in a failed attempt only to have made a grabbing motion before Blaine pulled it out of his reach.

Blaine was amazed by how Kurt was always thinking of others before himself. He could clearly tell that Kurt hasn't slept for days. He was sure that Kurt's dad and step-mom wouldn't have wanted this. He quickly put Kurt's things into his bag while keeping Kurt at bay. It wasn't hard, seeing that Kurt was too tired to fight back.

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