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Chapter 15

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February 23, 2013

"boys are you ready for your game?" my dad asks them for like the 3rd time. i knew he didnt trust them 100% but seriously if they arent ready by now then oh well.

"yeah." they both slur. they are physically ready but clearly they arent mentally ready...im pretty sure they are still asleep.

"Nikki put a coat on its raining." my dad informs me and i run upstairs to get my coat. ive always been a morning person, no matter how late i stay up the night before i will always be in a good mood, unless i have to go to school or someone does something that pisses me off. if that happens everyone better run for the hills because my mood will change without me even realizing it. 

we all pile into the car and drive towards the middle school the games will be at. My brothers just got into basketball this summer and now they play on a team. theyre team is okay, not the best not the worst. alot of Nicholas' football friends are on his basketball team so thats pretty cool, but i still dont really pay attention. i dont really understand basketball so i barely watch it when i go to the games, however on the rare occasion i do watch i know when to cheer and when to boo. when we get to the game i take a seat on the small bleachers and put my headphones in and turn up the volume so i cant hear the stupid ref! halfway through the game my phone starts buzzing.

you're mom's in labor it read. i turned my music off and walked outside to the basketball hoops. when i got there i called my aunt. 

"hey what's happening?" 

"your mothers went into labor earlier this morning. i didnt think you were awake."

"is she having it right now or is she just in the hospital?"

"it's...coming out now..."

beep beep beep i hung up then i texted her "text me when its out." after it sends i go back inside the gym to find my brothers team winning, but not by alot and my dad talking to one of the other boys' dad and Claire on her phone. clearly nothing big has happened.

After the game we had to stay because of course they won so they had to play another game, but they had 15 minutes in between games to do whatever so nicholas and Daryl went to the basketball court with some of their teammates. When i saw my aunt calling i went outside and answered it as i was walking down the steps toward the court.  "Hello?"

"Nikki?" Its my mom.

"umm hi. how are you?" wow Nikki that was so stupid why would you ask her that?she just had a baby of course shes probably in a little pain.

"im okay. umm...his name is Storm." 

What kind of name is that? "oh okay cool." Seriously storm? i keep thinking.

"You can meet him soon if you want to. Is Nicholas around?"

Just when i was about to say yeah i see Nicholas and Daryl heading up the steps. "umm no hes warming up for his game."

"oh okay well just call here when hes done and has time to talk."

"umm okay. bye"

"i love you."

"love you too." 

I walked inside the gym and sat next to my dad. "whats up?" he asks me.

"She had the baby." i say


"his name is storm...." i say and stare across the gym. 

*********Hey everyone so i hope you are all enjoying the book. i wanted to clear something up for everyone, this book is based off of my life but obviously i dont remember all the dialogue but most of this happened excatly as i write it. Also please comment and vote if you like it!! Feel free to message me anytime with any questions or concerns.

i also changed my update days...i dont have a specific schedule, however i will be updating atleast once ever two weeks hopefully more but idk.

<3 Have a Fabulous day <3

xoxo,   Ash_Murph_

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