Viking!Norway x Reader

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This one shot was requested by LOTRAttackFairyTail. I'm sorry if these Viking one shots are not the most accurate. I couldn't find much on them but I'll work with what I got. I'll also do the other Viking Nordics. Enjoy~


"Norway, please don't go! I don't want to be left here with Denmark!" A tiny Iceland clung to Norway's leg.

"Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. I'll just be out with _____ for a little while. Mess around with him. Hide his sword, make him look for it." Little Iceland nodded and let go of Norway.

"Let's go." Norway led the way and came to the foot of a small mountain. Slowly, starting climbing, finding his footing.

You did the same, grabbing rocks and getting a proper footing as well.

Norway was leading you to a place he said he found not too long ago.

"You alright _____?" He glanced back making sure you were doing fine as you walk and climb over the rocks.

"Doing fine. What's the place like?" You ask.

"It's a surprise." He smirked slightly then turned back around. His cape fluttered slightly in the wind, nearly brushing your face.

"At least give me a few details!" You pleaded. He stopped for a second and thought.

"Think of amazing creatures and then multiply it by three." Then he started climbing again.

You both climbed for about another 10 minutes then he disappeared.

"What?" You asked aloud. Getting up to where you last saw him, you realize that it flattened out at the top. There was a pretty decent sized swamp then it was flat land.

Technically, it wasn't a mountain at all.

Norway was at the edge of the swamp, crouched down in front of something.

"Norway?" He turned to look at you then motioned you to be quiet, then over to him.

You walked slowly and peered over his shoulder. You looked in awe at what you saw.

"What is it?" You asked, amazed.

"It's a troll. It's a baby so they get kind of scared easily." He slowly scoops it up in his arms and stood up.

"Pet the top of his head. Don't touch his back or he'll go paranoid." Norway turned the troll toward you and it looked up with its green eyes.

You chuckled slightly and pet its head. It made a purring like noise and started to lick your hand. Norway smirked.

"He likes you. Do you want to see more creatures?" He asked as he set down the troll and watch out toddle away.

"Yes. What else is there?" You asked.

"Close your eyes." You did and then felt a soft breezy feeling on your nose.

"Open them." You did and you saw a ball of light like creature. The light was a teal color.

"It's a willow wisp."

"Wow. Are there others?" You asked as you watched the willow wisp flew around your head.

"Yes. Hold out your hands." When you did, he whistled and another ball of light flew into your hands. When got a clear few of it, you realized it was a fairy like creature.

"It's a pixie. They glow a green color when two people are in love." He softly grabbed your wrists with the pixie still floating in your hands.

The pixie went from its yellow color to a blue, then a green.

You looked up to see Norway's face moving slowly towards yours. You started to do the same. He quickly closed the space between you two and your lips connected.

He pulled away and you blushed.

"We might need to head back. Iceland might worry about us." You looked down and smiled.

"We should visit here more. I think they enjoy your company." He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear and kisses your cheek.

"I love you _____." He whispers into your ear.

"I love you too Norway."

"Call me Lukas. It's my real name." He smiled at you.

"Okay. Lukas. I love it." You smiled back and he pulled you into a hug. He intertwined his fingers with yours and you both went down the mountain.

1 Nordic down, 4 to go. I'm also going to do other requests in between them if requested. I hope you liked it, sorry if it's not accurate, I'll probably work on more tonight. Ciao!

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