Kidnapped and lost- season 3 episode 3

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"I can't believe it."- Ally

"Ally don't cry!"- Trish

"Dot cry? I put Austin in coma... Kind of lost him. And now Michelle kidnapped him! I lost him again!"- Ally

"Ally it's not your fault!"- Trish and Dez

"But I... Just forget about it."- Ally

"Ally!"- Trish

"No. Let her be by herself."- Dez

"Ok. But whatever we do we have to find Austin."- Trish

With Ally...

"Ally! Are you Ok?"- dad

"No! Michelle just kidnapped Austin!"- Ally

"Oh I think I should leave her alone."- dad

The next day...

"Hi!"- Dez

"Hi! Now let's make a plan of where to look for Austin."- Trish

"Ok. Is Ally coming?"- Dez

"No. I called her dad and he said that she was too depressed."- Trish

"Oh. Poor Ally. So... Where do you think we should look for?"- Dez

"Maybe her house just to check. Then maybe we can ask some of her neighbors if they saw anything."- Trish

With Austin...

Austin wakes up and is shocked.

Austin thinks: where am I?

He realizes that he is tied up.

"Hello Austin.!"- Michelle

"Michelle! Did you just kidnap me?"- Austin

"Yes! So you can be with me now!"- Michelle giggled.

"You knocked me out?"- Austin remembered being punched.

"No silly! I had a little help, of course!"- Michelle

"What? Who are you?"- Austin

"I'm Jason."- Jason

"Why did you help Michelle?"- Austin

"Because I like Ally of course! We'll become a couple."- Jason

Austin gets jealous.

"Ugh! Get me out of here!" - Austin

"Oh please, Austin! Why would I do such a thing?"- Michelle

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