Chapter 20

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I woke up in one of the guest beds. Liz was there, and Ashton was in the bed next to me. I was scared and didn't know where I was until I saw a nurse carrying saline bags down the hallway on a cart. I pulled off the cheap sheets from the bed and walk-ran to the front desk.
"Hello can you tell me what room Luke Hemmings is staying in?"
"Are you family?" a middle aged man asked.
"I'm his girlfriend."
He sighed.
"He's the farthest room to the right on the second floor."
"Thanks." I said, grabbing my purse and running to the elevator.
It took about 10 seconds to get there, so I walked down the hallway, crowded with nurses and doctors.
"Excuse me." I kept repeating, trying to shove my way down the hall.
I finally got to the end of the hall, where 3 teenage girls waited.
I slowly opened the curtain, stepping inside.
"Luke?" I asked, staring at the covers that were pulled over his head.
"Yes Luke."
"Don't look at me." he said shoving the covers over his face and turning around.
"I already saw you at the accident."
He pushed the covers back onto the bed, still looking away.
"Are there girls outside my room?" He asked, probably hoping they wouldn't look at him either.
"Only 3."
"Okay. Can you tell them to leave please?"
"Of course."

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