Chapter 22 The meaning of Life

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Kate's POV

~ 6 hours passed ~

We were back in the emergency room and I we were all waiting for the doctor to come. There was no noise. Everyone was quite. Finally the doctor came in.

"Are you the family of the patient named Kate Wisne?" asked the Doctor.

"Yes we are, what happened? Is she okay? Doctor please?" said my mom. The doctor looked down and then met my mom's gaze. 

"I'm sorry to deliver the new's but your daughter is in coma." said the doctor as walked a step back and walked away. My mom started to cry. Drew stood  and walked up to the nurse.

"Excuse me but can you please tell me what room Kate Winsne is in please?" said Drew trying to speak without letting a single tear drop from his cheeks. 

"She is in room 115." said the nurse.

"Thank you." Drew came back to where everyone was.

"She is in room 115." he said as he pushed the button to go up on the elevator. The elevator open and he went inside. I followed him. Words didn't come out of his mouth. I wanted to talk to him but it was useless......he wouldn't be able to hear me. The elevator opened and then we walked in the halls. The hospital was packed. I have never seen such a packed hospital. We finally arrived room 115. Drew took a deep breath and went inside the room. I was laying there. Sleeping. It almost looked as if nothing was wrong with me. I was just in a deep sleep. He grabbed a chair and sat right next to me. 

"Kate...........*he took a deep breath* I don't know if you are able to hear me ......but you need to stay, you need to fight for your life. I love you so much and a world without you wouldn't be the same thing,. You mean the world to me. You are my life now Kate,  * he grabbed my hand that had a little machine in my index finger * Just please............don't leave me here. I need you." said Drew as he kissed my hand. I couldn't help it as tears were coming down my cheeks. How could I possibly cry in this spirit form? How can I go back? I need to be there for him. I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I turned around and say a girl that was about my age.

"I'm sorry but.....who are you?" I asked the girl who was standing in front of me.  How can I feel her tap but not feel Drew's warmth? Was she dead too? The girl laughed at me a little. 

"Yes, I'm a spirit Kate, don't worry, I am not here to cause you any harm, I'm here to help. I'm sure you might not know how I look but you have heard of me." she said . Questions started to pop out of my head. Who was this girl standing right in front of me? And then......that's when I remembered who she was.

"Y-your Damon''s girlfriend aren't you?" I asked. The girl smiled and nodded.

"Yes, it's me, my name is Alexandra but you can call me Alex for short." she said.

"Why are you here Alex?" I asked

She smiled at once again." I'm here to help defeat your greatest fear in life."

I looked at her with a questioning look.

"In order to wake up from your coma, you have to face the fact that it is a risk you are taking, and that you could possibly die while your trying to go back into the real world. *she took a deep breath* The greatest challenge in your life is to face your own fears. The fear of reality. Now, you could easily give up, like I did, but I wouldn't suggest you to do that. That's why I'm here, to help you. I know it won't be easy but you have to have hope in yourself because that's the only thing that will keep you from not giving up." 

I looked her, I bit strange. She was right though, I could easily give up 

My mother, Robert and Elena came in the room. They were staring at me. Looking at how peaceful and quite I was. My mom walked right beside me and kissed my forehead. 

"I'll be here waiting for you." whispered my mom into my ear. I turned around and looked at Alex.

"So.........what did you decide Kate?" she asked.

I gave her a smile, " I'll stay. My life isn't over yet." 

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