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"Please, please marry me before I die!"

You body felt heavy as you tried to sit up, it was weighed down by a boy who clung to you with all of his might.

"What?" You blinked slowly, voice groggy as you glanced down. The person in question was looking up at you in utter confusion.

"Huh..?? What did you just say?" He had asked, as a response, you shook your head - hoping he got the hint that you didn't understand him. Maybe he clung onto the wrong person, but looking around the room confirmed that there was no one else there.

"Japanese?" He asked, making you shake your head once more. His hold on you released, making you raise your brow. "Ahh!!! A foreign girl!! So cute!!" He squealed, face red as he hugged himself. You hadn't understood a word he said, but he looked happy.

"I'll teach you Japanese, and then we'll get married!!" He declared, body turning back to you before grabbing your hands. "Doesn't that sound good?! Please marry me before I die!!!!" He kept speaking despite knowing you didn't understand, it was a bit foolish, actually...

Now he was crying, but he was so happy just a moment ago. What a confusing change. "It's so scary, all that training I have to do in the mountains... You understand my pain, don't you??"

He seemed to be fearful of something. To make up for the lack of verbal comfort you could provide, you placed your hand on his head of black hair. It seemed to calm him down as he pressed his cheek further against your bedsheets, he let out a fit of giggles before standing up. "You're too sweet!!! Lets get married!!"

He was being a little to hasty with his marriage requests, wasn't he? Besides, neither one of you were old enough to get married, anyway.

"Zenitsu! You're injured, sit down!" The black-haired lady from yesterday ordered him to do something. Quickly, he sunk onto his bed. "Yes." He would answer without hesitation, the pleased look on his face quickly gone.

"Forgive his hastiness, he doesn't know how to tell when someone isn't interested." She glanced over to the boy, his posture stiffening before she turned back to you.

"Maybe I should try teaching you Japanese if you plan on staying here for long," her offer was heartfelt, but you frowned. You were lost, in the middle of no where. But, you weren't sure what to do when you got back to [Country]. It wasn't a lively place, at least not as great as a place as others thought it was.

"I'd appreciate that a lot.." You muttered, glancing back to the boy next you before pointing a discreet finger at him. "And, what's his name...?" You asked her, voice low. However, his attention was already back on you due to the fact you were pointing at him. A shiver shot up your spine before you snapped your head back toward the woman, swallowing the lump in your throat.

"Him? Don't pay him any mind. But if you must know, his name is Agatsuma Zenitsu." Now his attention was on the woman. How was he even hearing your hushed conversation?

"Did you call my name?" He chirped, the bashful look on his face not going unnoticed by you. Glad to see someone around here was enjoying themselves after your mother got brutally killed and eaten.

The woman sighed, clearly she was tired of having so many patients here. Especially one so loud and girl-crazy. "She was just curious of your name, don't get it twisted."

The smile on Zenitsus face widened and he ignored the ladies last sentence, "Awe, curious about me? She can ask me questions any day! Say, what's her name?" He cooed, the stern look on the woman's face making him shrink back down.

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