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Brief Synopsis: Maybe In Another Life

Everyone desires to be. Good or bad, right or wrong, in spite of the unknown, we want it our way. We're all born into a world that gradually shapes and sways our individualities through relationships and experiences. Some will say they have life figured out, others don't even try, content with simply being on top of the dirt.

How we perceive ourselves on the inside is embodied on the outside...

Maybe In Another Life is a fictional account of the universal pursuit of happiness. Weaving four parallel accounts, chasing each character's journey of decision and consequence. Each tale presents an altered perspective of the same seven individuals. Interactions between the seven link respectively throughout each narrative, exposing various outcomes. A classic sedition that is sure to please.

Mortality forces us to confront the beginning and end of life. Along the way, triumphs and tragedies are broadcast daily, serving as the proverbial knot around the finger, looming; soon your time will come.

Love, successes, failures, and addictions eternally pulse through the veins of society simultaneously producing a world of dreamers and losers. From childhood we are driven to shoot for the stars - the sky's the limit. Generations have come and gone, still the world lacks icons.

We instantly embrace wins, but what happens when a dream fails to reach sunlight. It bends or breaks transforming both the dream and the dreamer. Some settle, accepting forgotten ambitions. Others become trapped, preoccupied with regret, rendering yesterday's inspiration as today's sorrow. Are you who you want to be?

The tale revives a transparent analogy of presumed advantages of the wealthy, the fragility of love, and lessons learned through merely existing. Look over your shoulder. Is the world you left behind the same? That one decision changed your life forever. Countless individuals vicariously live through the fake reality of television using the eyes of our youth. Wishing we could go back to that one night, take a left instead of that right, or even have died instead of surviving.

The train of life is a ride that has one commencement and one finale. You cannot choose who bought your ticket or where you get on. We but have the privilege to choose who we sit next to and if we're lucky, when its time to get off. Maybe in another life, you'll get it right. ( Vol. 1 Currently on Amazon)

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