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|| "Are you sure you're going to be okay, (y/n)? Your father and I don't have to go to the US, if you want us to stay."

You were talking to your mum on the phone. Your parents were going to the US on a holiday. "No mum. You and dad go have fun. I need to meet our neighbors anyway. You know...socialize."

"You sure sweetie? We haven't boarded the plane yet." You roll your eyes.

"Go. Have. Fun. I love you." Then you hang up.

It was summertime. You were in jean shorts and your favorite shirt. Since you told your mum you'd meet the neighbors, you walked out onto your back porch barefoot to see if any of your neighbors were outside. Sure enough there was.

There was an old guy sunbathing in the yard to the left of you. A lady was tending to her flower garden in the yard to the right of you. Then your eyes fall upon the yard in front of you.

You saw a guy, probably around your age, playing football with some other guys. The only thing that divides your yard from his were bushes; no fence at all.

You begin walking towards the bushes as you continue to watch your neighbor play football. They pause the game as the guy you've been watching pulls off his shirt and throws it to the side.

You didn't realize you were biting your lip until you see the football roll into your yard. He jogs over to you and smiles.

"I'm Louis. So you just moved in that house right there?" He points towards your house and you nod. You pick up the football and hand it to Louis. "And what's your name, love?" he asks.

"My name is (y/n)." Louis holds out his hand for yours and you shake it. Then one of his friends walk over.

"Lou, did you get the...who's your friend, Louis?" The boy had curly brown hair and his green eyes sparkle as they looked at you.

"Harry, this is my new neighbor (y/n). (y/n), this is one of my band mates, Harry," Louis said. Harry shakes your hand as you ask,

"You two are in a band?"

"Yeah, and so are those lads over there."

Louis points to the three boys a little ways away. They wave at you and you wave back.

"That's...that's pretty hot." And after you said that, you covered your mouth. The two boys in front of you chuckle.

"It's alright, (y/n). No need to feel embarrassed," Louis said. Harry whispers something in Louis' ear and then he heads back over to the other guys. "Do you want to come over and play some football with us, (y/n)? Unless you're busy..."

He runs his fingers through his hair. You look back at your house and then you look at the neighbors on either side of your house. More than likely you'd probably never speak to them.

You turn back towards Louis and say, "No...I'm not busy. I'd love to play some football with you." He smiles and helps you over the bushes. "Just get prepared to lose," you giggle.

"Is that a challenge, (y/n)?" You smirk as you take the football from him and run off. And that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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