The wheels touched the ground,after a few seconds it stopped. I got my bag out of the compartment over my head. I looked around and those stupid boys were fighting over who has to carry what. Idiots. I walked out of the plane and went to the entrance into the airport,I went to the baggage carousel to get my suitcase. I looked for a pink stripey suitcase, but after ten minutes it hadn't come.

"Lost something babe" I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and it was Louis.

"Thank you and goodbye" I said and grabbed my suitcase off him,walking away. I looked behind me and they were following me.
I walked to the exit of the airport and a girl my age had a sign with my name on it. I walked over to her,two men grabbed my bags and put them in the boot.

"Hi I'm Elizabeth(A/N played by katelover9668) and I'm here to pick you up" she said and smiled, she had the most perfect hair it was curly and not frizzy bloody hell,I want hair like that. The two men went to a different car,got in and drove away.

"I'm Louisa and is there five boys following me still or are they gone?" I asked she looked behind me and shook her head.

'No,why?" she looked concerned.

"Oh never mind" I said and got into her car. It was a blue Audi,I loved it. She got in and started the car and drove off. We passed cars,trains the London eye. Awesome first thing I go to when I go to town next. If I do,that is.

"So do you wanna tell me,why you asked if five boys were following you or not?" she asked. I might as well tell her.

I told her about them being one direction and them coming to our school.

"Well you've finally met 'The Fabulous Five' they must've taken a like in you" she said,what the hell does that mean.

"What do you mean?"

"Well they're like the top dogs of the school, they run it. Every semester they come to school,then when we break off they go back to their careers." interesting great.

"Zayn, he's apparently the Bradford Bad Boy. He's mysterious,but extremely hot. But watch out,apparently he's dangerous to be around ,he's always in trouble with the teachers. Always caught bashing people and mouthing at the prefects"

"Liam,he's nice to you,but once you piss him off he's a real beast. He's got a girlfriend named Jade (A/N played by ondirectionchick7) she's extremely pretty,all the boys want her but she doesn't want them back,all she wants is Liam"

"Louis is the sass master from Doncaster,he's a real smartass,he's another one that gets into trouble for being smart to the teachers,always being loud and disruptive in class. He always does dares even if they are they worst dares ever. Once he got dared to go into the girls toilet, and make out with the first girl he saw,he ended up with detention.(A/N that is true apparently) But one good thing is tht he's a good soccer player"

"Niall is the Irish one, he always eats and is a major flirt. He's one of them people that you can't mess with because he's another Liam. Mess with him and he gets more pissed then Liam. He plays the guitar,he pretty much gets any girl he wants"

"Last but not least Harry,he's the schools ladies man and the schools most popular girl Mary Brown,so wants him. But the good thing about him,is that he doesn't want her at all. Mary is the school slut she tries to sleep with every boy in school. But she's got a big interest in Harry because he's the first guy that's told her to back off and leave him alone" wow that was a lot of information.

"Great now I know about them more" I said sarcastically,she chuckled and turned the radio and of course What Makes You Beautiful was on. I groaned and Elizabeth laughed her head off.

"You must really despise of them?" she asked laughing.

"Hell yeah" I said laughing as well,we might become best friends someday.

"You know Louisa,you can call me Liz,I don't let many people call me that,apart from my Dad" she said.

"Ok and your Dads the principle ain't he?' I asked she nodded her head.

"I hate being his daughter,because everyone thinks I'm a goody two shoes cause I'm his daughter. But I'm not,actually me and a couple of kids are doing a big prank tomorrow night and he won't know who it is. Please don't tell anyone?" she said I promised I wouldn't tell,I looked out the window and saw the school coming up ahead. Joy I have to deal with them stupid boys later on.

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