I was lifted off the floor and onto my feet.

I felt mortified. Horrified. Angered.

Then pain. Why? The goddess must have a cruel sense of humor. I'm not sure what this means. How could this happen to me? I need a strong fearless soul mate to produce strong air! I will be king! I've heard of some species of demons having male mates who able to reproduce. He's human. He might tarnish my bloodline. I mean-...why me?!

"Ahem!" I jumped away from the person beside me.

"What are you doing? I hate you! Your always trying to steal all my boyfriends!" Miss 'doesn't shut the fuck up' whined.

I looked back and forth between them. I felt a warn arm wrap around my waste. Tingles ran through my body as I was pulled closer to him. The internal flame within my body was ignited.

"He's cute." The deep masculine voice muttered. He pulled me closer, rubbing my hip.

"Nnnn" I gasped. I purred-.... What is happening to me!

"MASON" the small red headed banshee screamed.

Mmm,i moaned. Mason is his name. I felt soul jump forward. Don't say his name, I whimpered inside my head. He's mine!

"M-mason." I couldn't even recognize my voice. The words were laced with passion and lust.

He pulled me towards his chest, his body molded to mine. Nhn! I nuzzled my head into him, he tightened his arms around me. I c-cant even think straight, I whimpered.

"UGH!" She screamed again and stomped into her room, slamming the door shut.

"Why are you here little one?" He grunted into my neck, placing a light kiss.

"I-i'm not little"I protested.

He chuckled and placed soft kiss on my neck.

"Okay, little one. Now tell me why your hear." He demanded.

God that's so hot. He-...He! I'm not gay!

"I'm not gay!" He just kissed harder and rubbed my sides. Ahh! That's not fair! I want him to claim me...Nhn!

"That may explain your actions for last night, little one. I think you need to be punished." He whispered huskily in my ear.


"Your such a naughty little one" He growled and gripped my sides tightly.

I whimpered and bucked my hips forward, grinding into his. He moaned and rolled his hips to mine.

"Mason!" I cried out, my head rolling back.

He leaned down and placed more kisses up my neck. His soft wet kisses left love bites. He trailed up my neck, to my chin, then the corner of my mouth. I whimpered at his teasing. Uh-...I cant keep it in! He continued to tease me, kissing my face. I-...My human form was slipping! My fingertips were tingling, skin was aching, and my fangs were growing! I-...NO!

He pressed his lips to mine forcing his tongue into my mouth. Mhhm! I cant! If I turn, I wont stop until I claim him! My powers will be complete. He caressed every inch of my mouth with his tongue. I was losing control! I ground my hips into his. He let out a strangled moan.

My fangs pushed through my gums and nicked at his tongue. He jumped and tried to push away. I pulled him closer, my claws pushing into his lower back. I cant stop it. He grunted and forced himself away from me. His eyes widened before I grabbed him. He failed to move away and everything around us disappeared. Shit!

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