Chapter 41: Attack of the Spitelout

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The room lay still in quietness. Snotlout and his father locked eye's in silent combat. Nobody said a word as Spitelout's shocked gaze turned red with fury.

"You didn't..." He threatened.

"I did." Snotlout said sassily.

He knew the consequences, some of them being quite foul, but he was tired of his father pestering him to take over being chief. Despite how ironic it sounds, he was tired of his cousin being pushed down. Hiccup had been put through a lot already, he didn't need anything else. So Snotlout admitted his crime.

Spitelout stuttered and gritted his teeth. Snotlout just stared up at his father as he brought the back of his hand to Snotlout's face. A loud smack sounded through the hall. The man turned his head upward again, seemingly unfazed by the scolding. Snotlout glared up at his father before moving on to face his cousin, the chief.

"I am ready for my punishment." He said.

Hiccup turned to Gobber, who was at his right side now.

"You have to." He said.

"I know." Hiccup said. "What is the normal punishment."

Gobber huffed and shook his head. "There are numerous things, but all start with a public shaming."

"No!" Spitelout screeched. "Anything but going public!"

Spitelout confronted Hiccup, practically on his knees begging. The chief looked to his cousin, who showed no emotion, and back to his uncle. He did not care about what Snotlout did, he couldn't give two shits about it, but something had to be done. Shaming his cousin was not, however, part of something he would even consider.

"Alright." Hiccup said and turned to Snotlout. "You will not be publicly shamed. We will keep this between all of us, understand?" Everyone nodded and Hiccup continued. "As for your punishment, you will be removed from the council. Your father may keep the position, as long as he learns to hold his tongue." Hiccup said, laying his gaze on his uncle.

Spitelout couldn't get the word yes out of his mouth quick enough, so he just stood there like an idiot, nodding his head up and down rapidly.

"Yes, of course. I-I'll do anything, chief." He pleaded.

Hiccup nodded. "So be it."

Spitelout thanked him once again and filed out of the room with Loke close at his heels. Slowly, the rest of the gang, as well as Gothi and Gobber, made their way out as well. Snotlout stay behind, studying the grain of the wood beneath his feet. Hiccup approached his cousin and clapped him on the shoulder. Ever since the fall of his father, Hiccup saw and felt a great change in their group. Each and every one of them were growing up now. Before hand, they had no cares; it was always dragon races, pranks, mistakes and exploring for them, but now they have finally owned up to their age. Hiccup felt it most within his cousin.

"Thank you, Snotlout." Hiccup said.

The man looked up at the chief. "No, thank you. You don't know how hard it was to admit that."

"So what you said was true?"

Snotlout nodded.

Hiccup sighed. "How's your face?"

Snotlout's fingers graced the red mark that his father left on his cheek. "It hurts a little, but i've hand worse." The man sighed and grabbed his helmet, twisting his hands around the horns as he did so. "What about what my father was talking about? Is it true that Astrid..."

Hiccup shrugged. "I don't know. But it is true, we have been trying and nothing yet. She seems to think it is so, but I have hope...always."

Snotlout smiled. "That is definitely a you thing."

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