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        I rememeber the last time I saw my family. I had been eighteen years old, preparing myself for the first time I would shift.

        My father was telling me that I didn't need to worry. It would be painful when it first happened but, when I changed, I would be the most beautiful wolf any male had ever had the privledge of laying their eyes on.

        My mother was assuring me that it was the most exciting time in any wolf's life, the first time they experienced the change and were able to run freely as their wolf. You could feel the wind running through your fur and enjoy a freedom you had never had before.

        My older brother had done nothing but rave how impressive it felt to be able to shift. He loved the power it gave him but what he loved even more than that was that he had been able to find his mate; he had told me that was the most precious moment in a wolf's life. The moment they found the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with.

        It had been nothing short of perfect. Only that's the last memory I have of my family because, during the night as we slept, the Alpha and Beta of a neighbouring pack attacked. They killed anyone who challenged them, not even stopping to spare women and children. They ripped the entire pack limb from limb, never even giving them the chance to defend themselves.

        The only reason I am still alive is because my father bought me time. He sacrificed himself to the Beta, shouting at my brother and I to run, to run and never look back. I didn't want to leave but I knew I didn't have a choice, especially when Jordan was dragging me away from the violence.

        He left me in the middle of the forest, telling me that I would be safe for now and he would be back for me. I didn't have the time to ask him where he was going before he shifted and was heading straight back to the violence. That was the last time I saw my brother.

        He never came back for me. I waited two weeks for him but there was nothing. I was alone and I didn't know what to do with myself, I was still to shift for the first time and that meant I was vulnerable to any form of attack, but I tried not to let that faze me.

        A month after the attack, I shifted for the first time and that was when I realised there was only one thing I wanted in the world, I wanted revenge and I was going to do anything it took to get that revenge.

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