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TW for obviously blood, sharp objects and cutting

Today was the day we wanted to try something new.
I brought the stuff we would need for it and you made sure that nobody would be home for a long time.
I wasn't really sure about it, but you convinced me to atleast try it.
So I agreed but with a weird feeling in my stomach.
Your eyes sparkle as you open the door for me, shining in happiness.
You're happy that I agreed to your wish.
So a few minutes we ended up on your floor with towels between our assets and the cold wood.
We don't want to get a dirty floor right?
I'm still a bit skeptical, but I would do anything for you, for my love.
And so I watch you undressing yourself, till you sit infront of me without any clothes, just your pure naked skin.
I cup your face with my hands, looking into your eyes with worries.
"Are you really sure about that puppy?"
You roll your eyes and nod with enthusiasm.
A deep sigh comes out my throat, melting into a deep kiss and moving a bit away from you.
"Okay, then let's begin."
I pull out a little block out of my pocket and you immediately recognize the little knife.
I snap the blade open, the metal shimmers in the soft light of the bulb.
My tongue glides over the side of the blade, leaving my spit all over it and pressing it into the skin on the inside of your thigh.
Your breathe gets faster, I feel it on the top of my head as I kneel down and lower myself near your thighs.
The sharp blade slides over your thigh, leaving a cut that leaks more and more blood.
I hear your harsh breathing, full of excitement and Lust and I lower my mouth to lick the shining red fluid off your skin.
The taste explodes inside of my mouth, making me open my eyes in surprise.
I can't get enough of your taste and so I start sucking your cut, trying to get your blood to touch my tongue.
You moan, grabbing into my hair and pressing me onto the wound in your flesh.
The flow of blood stops, and stingy as I am I make another cut, deeper and longer.
Hard moans flow out of your throat, the pain makes you more horny than I thought.
The Lust comes over me like a wave, as I melt into a kiss so you can taste your own blood on your lips.
My fingers move over your bloody leg, throbbing in that red paint just to slide into your wet insides.
Your nails dig into my back, pulling me closer into yourself, a sweaty and moaning mess.
My mouth goes back to the raw flesh in those clean cuts, thirsting for your liquid in my stomach and thirsting for your noises.

to be continued....
Sorry I'm just not creative right now I'll update in the next few days :3


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