Chapter 13

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

"Let's watch the match between Yu Feng and Xing Yao." Jiale suggests

"That's a good idea." Xinglong smiles as the team grabs their things and walk away

"It's 6-1. The first doubles, Yu Feng wins." Lu Jia smiles, her head resting on Baiyang's lap

"And now the cheering squad of Xing Yao is quiet."

"You're learning things even when watching matches." Sha Sha takes a picture before smiling "I will write about that in the next feature story." Lu Jia looks at the reporter

"Yeah!" Jiale cheers doing a V sign, both the girls present chuckle as Sha Sha takes another picture

"It's Xu Ziping's turn now." Lu Jia hums before turning to the court and forcing Baiyang to massage her head, the boy rolling his eyes before doing so

"The main players in Xing Yao should be different from the others in their team." Yan says

"You mean the players in the previous two matches were not the main players in Xing Yao?" Sha Sha asks


"Oh, is that so?" Jiale says "If they lose the match again, that would be interesting."

'Jingwu would definitely kick their asses.' The girl thinks before snickering as the game continues 'Which won't be far from the truth seeing this games...'

"It's 1-0. Yu Feng takes the lead."

"Why didn't he compete with us?" Lu Jia asks

"Because we already won before he could play." Jiale answers, Lu Jia nodding as her eyes become heavy

"I didn't expect him to be so great." Qiao Chen says "If Lu Xia had lost in the last match, he would have competed  with our captain. The results would have been unpredictable."

"I won't lose./Lu Xia wouldn't lose." The twins say at the same time, Lu Jia yawning right after

"I was being hypothetical." Qiao Chen says gulping putting his hand on Lu Xia's knee "We wouldn't have let you play if we had known you hurt your eyes. Then, we would have seen the battle between the two captains." Lu Xia picks up Qiao Chen hand and moves it away

"I won't lose anyway."

"If Xu Ziping came up first, the result might have been different. I interviewed him before. He's very determined to win the match. He also has great abilities."

"I know this person. He used to be the trump card of No. 5 High School. They are a strong team in the division." Yan says

"You even know about this?!" Sha Sha asks impressed

"Why didn't you tell us when we were competing with Yu Feng?"

"I didn't find out the connection between these two people until Qiao Chen mentioned that Ziping transferred from another place two years ago. That was when I found out."

"When did I mention that?"

Jiale chuckles "Maybe when you were too focused on his sister." Lu Jia snickers

"The match is over, the score is 6-0. Yu Feng wins." Lu Jia smiles cheering a little before getting up to move to Siyang's side when Jingwu suddenly appears with Chong Hong 

Siyang and Lu Jia glance at the two boys, Lu Jia watching as the player looks in Jingwu's way, she knew what the captain was doing, and it made her a little sad as she heard her boyfriend call the coach.

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