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Chapter 02:

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Chapter 02:

The story started off with the air being heavily humid. I remember the sweat absorbing into my clothes and welcoming my skin with it's clammy touch. I felt as if it weighed me down, but I refused to take off my hoodie or tie up my hair.

I felt my neck stiffen as I quickly grew uncomfortable.

I've been walking for ten minutes and already I felt disgusting.

I cast my head down as school buses passed me, roaring their engines as they struggle to climb up steep suburban hills, on their way to your basic suburban high school, which provided a somewhat decent- if not shitty -education to the residents in so called suburban area.

I felt their stares scorch me and for a second I tried to conceal my scrunched up face that constantly made me look disgusted or displeased. I softened my features and hoped that maybe I didn't look like I was unhappy, that I was fine, that walking in the summer heat was something I did because I wanted to, not because I didn't have a ride.

I rose my head once the buses struggled over that hill.

That damn hill.

I saw their faces, little silhouettes in the back window. They smiled-- they smiled a lot actually. One of them even called out to me.

                "Enjoying your walk, bitch?"

I looked up just in time to watch the bus disappear from on top of the hill. It amazed how easily I got over it; there wasn't a trace of anger in veins, even when it deserved to be there.

I took a deep breath and kept moving.


The snickering was unbearable. It was another thing I was trying to numb myself from, but there was something about their laughter and whispers that made me feel bare naked.



I didn't walk quickly; I couldn't show them this affected me. I couldn't make their days by showing their immature or unoriginal remarks could get under my skin. I'd never hear the end of it; it would be the talk of the weak and the vicious cycle would only shred me to tears.

I didn't want them to see me hurt.

So I walked slowly, slowly enough so that their predator eyes could feast on me. I walked slowly, because this was an everyday thing, and because I should be used to this, and because eventually they'd get bored and realize it wasn't worth picking on me, that they'd only gain a small reaction.

I kept my gaze forwards as the crowd around me bumped, shoved and slowly moved around me.

A sheep wandering through a pack of wolves.

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