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Two years later

"Aw we wedy to gwo?" Jason asked me as I was fixing his suit and little tie.

"We are." I replied and picked him up. Ares was downstairs, waiting for them.

Today was Ana's wedding day. She was getting married to Enzo, her boyfriend who she met eight months ago.

Ares pecked my lips before picking Jason who wanted to him to hold him.

I Jason over to Ares before they both walked to the car. Ares got into the driver's seat while I slid into the seat beside him. As soon as she sat, Ares placed Jason on my lap as he needed to drive.

"Where aw we gwowing?"

"A little patience, love." I replied, chuckling, "we are going to your favourite aunt's wedding."

Jason only nodded his head as he started playing with my bracelet. After a few more minutes, we arrived our destination.

As soon as we entered, Mirabella, Edward, Austin and Xavier approached us.

"Here my favourite nephew!" Austin said excitedly, taking Jason out of my arms into his own.

"He's your only nephew." Xavier corrected him.

"Yeah and he loves me. He missed me soo much, didn't you?" Austin asked Jason who stared at him in confusion before shaking his head as 'no'.

Xavier let out a laugh before taking Jason from Austin.

"I'm your favourite uncle, right?" Xavier asked Jason who shook his head as 'no' at him also. This time, it was Austin's turn to laughed at him while I stared at the two in amusement.

"Then who is your favourite uncle?" Xavier asked Jason in confusion.

Jason flashed them an evil grin before he replied, "Enzo."

"Why?" Austin asked, frowning, "what does he have that we don't? You barely know that dic—"

"Enough, you two." Edward cut him off, glaring at him before smiling softly at Jason, "come to grandpa, my little kiddo! Grandpa loves you the most!"

"Keep Jason with you guys while we go and see Ana, alright?" Ares asked his family who nodded then he held my hands and we walked away.

After Ana and Enzo's wedding, everybody returned to their homes including Ares and I. It was crazy how everyone adored Jason.

The next day, we were all invited to dinner in Ana's and Enzo's new house. Their new house was big and beautiful. It was simple but breathtaking.

We all sat at the table for dinner while the staffs were serving the food. When they were done serving the food, they left us alone in the dining room.

"So, Enzo, when are you planning to take my sister on a honeymoon?" Austin asked Enzo while eating.

"Ana said that she doesn't want to go on a honeymoon." Enzo responded, "she said she's too busy in work but I am too. So, we decided not to go."

"Nonsense!" Xavier rolled his eyes, "you should go! Two weeks off from work won't kill you two."

"Xavier is right. You really should go." Mirabella agreed, nodding her head.

We were all talking amongst ourselves. My eyes were fixed on Jason who was trying to take a glass of water which was on the table but he couldn't reach the glass. I stared at him in amusement and curiosity, waiting to see what he'd do.  He kept on trying and trying but his small hands couldn't reach it.

Sighing he cursed, "Fwuck!" which made everyone stop talking instantly while my eyes widened for a second, not expecting that. We stared at Jason to find him smiling innocently at us.

"What did you just say?" Mirabella asked him, raising her brows.

"Fwuck?" Jason repeated, which came more like a question.

"Who taught you this, baby?" Ana asked him to which he replied, "Mommy and daddy."

"I told you two not to use bad words in front of the child!" Mirabella said to both Ares and I who were acting like we didn't know what was going on. I casually took a sip of my drink.

"He's a two year old baby." Edward added, "and he already knows how to curse! Great. Just great!"

"He's growing," Ares defended, "the kid's gotta learn. It's not like he wasn't going to learn this word later."

"The sooner, the better." I added, which made Ares chuckle, "see, she's right."

"This child is going to be probably the rudest child ever." Xavier mumbled.

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