Hey GUYS!!! I decided to wright another Preference! ;D Yay! Its about when he hits you.



HARRY-  You were sitting on the couch watching Toddlers & Tiaria's, and you hear the door slam. Harry was home, and he was in a bad mood. You could tell by the way he slammed the front door. You heard THUD THUD as he threw his shoes off. Wow, hes PISSED you thought to yourself.! "Harry, Babe?"...No Awnser.. "Harry?!" ...Still no awnser. "HARRY?! Whats WRONG?!".. He came in the Living room with his Pissed face on. You got a bit scared. "Harry?.." You say Conserned, "Im not in a good mood.." He says with a little attitude. You put your arm around him, trying to comfort him. He pushed your arm off angerly. "DONT TOUCH ME! DAMN YOUR SO FUCKING CLINGY SOMETIMES!!!!" You try to hold back your tears, but you couldnt, and you started bawling. "Harry! IM TRYING TO HELP YOU!DAMN!!!!" He turn around and punches you. You fly across the room. "HARRY?!" you say crying. "BABE IM SOOO SORRY!!!" You look away from him. "Baby IM SORRY" He hugs you. "Its fine, just dont ever do it again" you say Kissing him.


ZAYN-  You feel asleep on his couch, and he came home from work. He slammed the door it woke you up, and you fell from the couch. He's crying. "Zaynie?" "Leave me alone", You walk over to him and attempt to kiss his forehead, but her slaps you. "NO!" You run to the bathroom, and cry your eyes out. "(Y/N)!! IM SORRY! UNLOCK THE DOOR!" You do so. He hugs you. "Im sorry" he whispered in your ear. "Dont do it again, or im outta here." "Okay, i understand!""Love you, Zayn," You kiss.


LIAM- Your making some Chicken Wings, and patatoes for Liam. You hear his car pull up. "Hes here!" You say excidetly. He walks right past you, and ignores your presensce. "Li-Li? Are you Okay?" You say sweetly. "Leave me alone Slut." You gasp. You try to hug him put he punches you in the belly. "LIAM!" You cry. You lift up your shirt and theres already a bruise. "Liam, how could you?!." Still crying. "Im sorry, JUST A BAD DAY!" He starts crying "Its okay, dont do it again , Li" He hugs you. "Love you." {:


LOUIS-   Your coloring a picture of a carrot for your Lou. You finish your Artwork, as he walks in. "Lou!! Louiss!! Lookie! " He sticks his middle finger at you. "Louis.." you say in gasps."Leave me alone, Whore" "Louie... What the hell?!" He sticks it up again.. and walks. you try to grab him, and he turns around a punches you with full force. "L...O...U..I...S!?" You say gasping on the floor for air. "Omfg! IM SORRY CARROT!" You look away. "Carrot, i foud out my Mother had to have dangerous sugery, im sorry forgive me?." "Fine! But dont dare do it again!" You say cuddling on the sofa.


NIALL- You and Your boyfriend Niall just got into the WORST fight ever. "SLUTTT!!!" He says down the hallway. "BASTARD!" you say. Of course, Niall was drunk. You went to his room to apoligize and make up. He awnsered the knock. "WHAT?!!?!" he yells in your face, you can smell the achohal. "Im so-" You were cut off by him slapping you. "Niall?! WHAT THE HELL!?!" He runs over to you. "SORRY! SORRY! x100!!!" He kisses you. "Its fine.. I guess.""Love you princess."


Okay! I know these arnt the best and i can do better.! Please no hate?[;




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